Having a bird infestation is the last thing you want. Not only can they be disturbing and cause noise, but they can also cause permanent property damage and turn aggressive. They can even bring other pests with them. You need to deal with bird infestations quickly since they can get out of hand before you know it. Namely, this means bringing in bird experts to deal with the problem.

4 Possible Causes of Your Bird Infestation - water, source, infestation, bird

But, do you want to get to the bottom of what might be causing your bird infestation? Here are four possible causes and how you can address them.

There Is a Food Source

If you are wondering what birds do during the day, most of the time, they are looking for food. This can be something as simple as rubbish that is dropped in the street. For example, if you have a food business, any meals that are dropped by customers are soon going to be taken by birds. They can swarm and become aggressive too, which can be scary and dangerous.

So, in order to prevent birds from hanging around, you need to make sure that there is no food for them. This can be more difficult than it sounds if your business is to do with food or you are near a local park or school. But, try your best to clear up any food that you can. You can also make sure that birds do not use your building as a lookout for food.

Your Property Offers Shelter

Birds know a good building when they see one. They are looking for property with high ledges and spots where they can see for predators, as well as gain shelter. Indeed, shelter is going to be important for nesting, as well as getting rest. This means that if your building has a lot of high roofs, ledges and windowsills, it could be ideal for many species of birds.

Of course, you cannot change the shape of your property or the shelter it gains from the elements. So, you will need to consider anti-bird solutions. Thankfully, Apex Bird Control can investigate the problem and find the best solution for your building. The team is experienced and specialises in humane anti-bird methods. For instance, anti-bird netting might be a good solution if you have areas offering shelter to birds. The netting acts as a barrier to stop them getting to these spots. When this happens birds, will simply move on and choose somewhere else to nest.

The Flock Lives There

Perhaps birds have been around for longer than you think. Simply having a few birds can lead to many more. They can be quite sociable animals and live in flocks. So, you can suddenly have a group of birds causing you problems. If you hear a lot of noise or there is a lot of bird guano near to your building, this can be a sign that you have an infestation.

A flock of birds is going to live on your property for a variety of reasons we are mentioning. Initially, this could have started because you offer a food source or shelter. Then, when they see that other birds are living there, they are going to gather and join them. While you do not want to harm the birds, you will need to ensure your building is protected to prevent the damage they can cause. Thankfully, there are humane ways to do this, such as anti-bird netting, mesh and spikes.

Your Property Overlooks a Food or Water Source

Perhaps you do not have any food or water on your property and you are confused why birds are choosing you. Well, there could be another reason for them hanging around. Namely, you are near to a food or water source. They are going to stay in places where they can overlook their source. This way, they can seize an opportunity when it presents itself. The birds will camp out on your building and rest and then move down on their food. Think about your building as a lookout spot.

For instance, your property could be beside a public park or school where there is going to be food and water available. So, they choose to nest on your property and roost there so they are nearby. Again, the way to prevent this from happening is to install anti-bird solutions on your property. When they cannot access desirable areas, they will fly away and choose somewhere else.