There are all sorts of movies which catch our fancy, and they come in different genres. When it comes to the classroom, there are movies you can watch which would enhance your knowledge.

For instance, seeing architecture movies or architecture film ensures that you know more about this field. For questions such as which movie should I watch and the likes, the architect movie could come in handy.

There are more than 100 essays about movies and using movie essay examples will serve as a fitting guideline for you. In addition, for essays about movies, seeing those movies would give you headways on how to start, provided you have the right free essay samples, and research paper topics example at your disposal.

Below are 4 architecture movies required for every architect student:

  1. Metropolis: When an architect student asks “which movie should I watch?”, this is one of the best architecture movies which you can recommend to him or her. The architect movie was directed in 1927 by Fritz Lang.

4 Architecture Movies Every Architect Student Should Watch - student, must watch, movies, architecture, architect

The Metropolis is an ideal representation of architecture in movies, as it makes a description of a dystopic city having three layers. The first layer is for workers having no social rights, living with machines. The second layer describes the machines managing the workers, and the third stands for the ruling class who have extremely comfortable lives.

The Metropolis shows the importance of the social structure being shaped by the dystopian city.

The Metropolis is an architecture film which has an essential place in the etymology of cinema, based on the techniques employed.

  1. Fountainhead: The Fountainhead is one of the most interesting Architecture movies which you can lay your hands on. The Fountainhead gives you the perfect picture of architecture in movies.

4 Architecture Movies Every Architect Student Should Watch - student, must watch, movies, architecture, architect

The architecture film, Fountainhead, is an American film directed by King Vidor in 1949. Its scenario was written by Ayn Rand based on Ayn Rand’s novel. When asking which movie I should watch, Fountainhead is an ideal suggestion.

In this movie, the major character is an architect, and the director made fruitful efforts in highlighting the importance of architects in society.

The architect movie, the Fountainhead, comes with several scenes of contemporary architecture.

  1. Mon Oncle: Another top-notch architecture film which you should watch is Mon Oncle. This is one of the most exciting architecture movies, which is a critique of modernism. It infused a blend of comedy and was directed in 1958 by Jacques Tati. Monsieur Hulot who is renowned for his satirical comedy, stars as the special character.

4 Architecture Movies Every Architect Student Should Watch - student, must watch, movies, architecture, architect

Any architecture student who asks which movie should I watch would find the Mon Oncle worthwhile. The major character, Tati makes contrasts between alluring old buildings and modern suburbs, alongside with the disputation between the lifestyle influenced by traditional values and the complex intricacies of the consumer society.

Taking a look at architecture in movies, Mon Oncle highlights the obliteration of archaic architecture and the substitution with cold fresh and new buildings, thereby modifying the way of life.

  1. Blade Runner: This is one architecture film which students should not miss. Directed by Ridley Scott, the Blade Runner is a science fiction film made in the United States. It was shot in Los Angeles at a period when the world was a dystopian dwelling place.

4 Architecture Movies Every Architect Student Should Watch - student, must watch, movies, architecture, architect

There are robots in the movie which are shown to provide lasting solutions to the hazardous and illegal operations of extraterrestrial protectorates, and they are arrested by exclusive police officers known as Blade Runners.

The traditional buildings and objects are not swapped with the new technology products. All modern structures are built on the traditional ones, thereby resulting in a properly integrated accumulation of both the old and the new tech.

Architecture movies are of major importance when it comes to determining how well an architect student would fare in his or her academics. On a conventional scale, movies which are related to the field of one’s study helps to broaden the knowledge and scope of that field in the mind of the study.

The movies mentioned in this piece are awesome ones, and they help the architecture student to see other things which he or she would not readily come across on a regular day.