20 Creative and Fun DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

It’s that time again – time to gather those eggs and think about how you want to decorate them for Easter. While the traditional way of dyeing in a vinegar based dye is always good, there are many other ways that you can make those eggs really stand out. Try out these creative DIY Easter egg decorating ideas. They’ll make you think twice before buying the standard drugstore dye kit. These designs will inspire you to decorate more than your usual dozen.

Floral Eggs

Disney Frozen Easter Eggs

Metallic Easter Eggs

Dyed Ninja Turtles Easter Eggs

Gold Painted Easter Eggs

20 Creative and Fun DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas


Galaxy Easter Egg

Cabbage Dyed Eggs

Stawberry Easter Eggs

Avocado Easter Eggs

Yarn Wrapped Easter Eggs

Graffiti Art Easter Eggs

Nail polish Easter eggs

Gold leaf eggs

Napkin Egg Decorating

Confetti covered Easter eggs

Retro style

Mosaic Eggs

Floral Easter eggs

Watercolor sprayed Easter eggs

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