When someone close to you is feeling unwell, or has been going through a tough time in their personal life, a thoughtful gift can make a huge impact on brightening their spirits. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive or lavish. It can be a simple something that you know they like, or even just something that tastes good! If you’re struggling for ideas, then we have a few suggestions for you to help show that you’re thinking of them.

16 Unique and Interesting Get-Well Gift Ideas - stuffed animal, stationery, shower cream, Plants, oil diffuser, letter, jewelry, ideas, gift, diary, coloring book, card, candle, box, blanket, bath bomb, basket, Balloons

  1. A gift basket – this is a perfect idea for someone that’s in need of cheering up, and a gift basket is perfect because you can add in little treats that you know the person you’re buying for likes. You can do it yourself and make a gift basket with a selection of food, drinks, and little games that you put into a basket, or you can order one from somewhere like GiftTree fruit baskets delivery. This is perfect if you need to send something quickly or if you aren’t able to leave the house or office to make a gift basket yourself.
  2. A gift card – if the person you’re trying to help is a sucker for Starbucks, or loves a certain restaurant to eat at, then a gift card is a great way to encourage them to go out and treat themselves on you.
  3. A gift box – this is similar to a gift basket, but is essentially anything that you can put into a box that might make someone smile. This is perfect for parents or grandparents, and you might add in things like printed pictures of you and your family and a letter telling them how much you love them. These are the types of gifts that we keep for years and have a special place in our hearts.
  4. A stuffed animal – a classic gift, probably for those that are slightly younger. You get bonus points if you know their favorite animal, but a teddy bear is always a safe bet for an ill younger relative.
  5. Balloons (that float!) – nothing can put a smile on someone’s face like balloons can. Go that extra mile, and make sure that they are full of helium and float to make them that extra bit more exciting.
  6. A handwritten letter – this is probably the cheapest gift on our list, but might be the most thoughtful. Take some time and write a letter to that member of your family or friend, and let them know you’re thinking of them. It doesn’t take long, but there’s something special about receiving something in the mail from someone that cares.
  7. A cozy blanket – for anyone that’s feeling under the weather, or has to stay at home for any reason, a new blanket can make it a bit more bearable. Find one that’s thick and soft so that it can be snuggled with on the couch or in bed. This is particularly useful in the winter if that changing seasons are causing someone to feel sick.
  8. A new scented candle – When you’re feeling down or ill, then you want to make the space around you as inviting and comfortable as possible. Along with some comfortable pajamas and a hot drink, a new scented candle will do wonders to make you feel better.
  9. House plants – plants bring life to a home and help to cleanse the air. Caring for a plant can bring joy to people, as well as the benefits of feeling better for the added oxygen in the room. Try to pick a low-maintenance plant that’s hardy to minimize the amount of care needed.
  10. A bath bomb – for people feeling stressed out, a hot bath can be one of the best ways to calm down and relax. A bath bomb is the ideal accompaniment for this, and turns a bath into a fun and relaxing experience, which leaves you feeling refreshed.
  11. Shower cream – if you’re looking for a gift for someone that doesn’t take baths, a high-quality shower cream may do the job. Look for anything with shea butter in for smooth skin, or something minty for someone that likes to feel energized after a shower.
  12. Oil diffuser – essential oils have been shown to relax people, as well as make a room smell particularly nice. Choose lavender for relaxation and to speed up the healing process, peppermint for making the room smell amazing and to help someone cool down, or lemon to help increase energy and mood.
  13. Mindfulness coloring book – you may have seen mindfulness coloring books appearing in your local book stores, and they have become very popular in the last couple of years. These are designed specifically for adults and have beautiful images you can color to take your mind off the stress and to unwind.
  14. Jewelry – a classic gift, jewelry is a great present for anyone that needs cheering up. Try to find an interesting piece that the person you’re buying for likes. This might be a birthstone or perhaps a charm that means something for the both of you.
  15. A diary – for anyone that’s stuck in bed and isn’t able to leave the house, a diary or journal may be a great way for them to get their thoughts down and better process everything. Journaling can be a very therapeutic exercise, and it’s great to help get any thoughts off your mind and onto the pages. The 5-minute journal could be a great start, which helps to frame the day each morning and night for the positive.
  16. New stationery – for any creatives, new stationery is one of the best things they can receive. If you’re trying to buy a gift for someone like this, then try to pick up a new set of pens and a pad for them to doodle or draw in.