Banish blank walls and channel your inner artist with these totally doable, trendy DIY wall art projects. Whether you need art to hang on the walls in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, teens room, dorm or apartment, we have some awesome DIY wall decor ideas for you to choose from.  Instead of splurging a fortune on an art installation, it is time you got a bit more hands on with things. DIY wall art and decorating ideas are fun, fascinating and can be a great way to bring the family together over the weekend.

Canvas Wall Art

Custom Canvas Wall Artbrit

Yarn Wall Art

Easy Wrapped Yarn Wall Art


Birch Tree Art

DIY Birch Tree Art


Wooden Arrows

Reclaimed Wood Project : DIY Wooden Arrowslittle-brick-house

Metallic Artwork

DIY Herringbone Metallic Artworkwhiletheysnooze

Good As Gold Canvas

As Good As Gold Canvas


Chevron Wall Art

Chevron Wall Art


Geometric Wall Heart

Giant Geometric Wall Heart


Stencilling Wall Art Using Lace

Stencilling Wall Art Using Lace


Hexagon Shelf

Popsicle Stick Hexagon Shelfmakeanddocrew

Burlap Monogram

DIY Burlap Monogramloveoffamilyandhome

Floral Letter

DIY Floral Letterthemrsandmommabird

Abstract Art

DIY Abstract Art


Huge Chalkboard

Build a Huge Chalkboardoverthebigmoon