Making soap is not all that difficult, especially when it’s traditional melt and pour which can be done in several different forms. Simple instructions using many different soap making ingredients.These DIY homemade soap recipes and tips will get you started making your own soaps.

Herb And Spice Soap

Homemade Holiday Herb And Spice Soap

Honey Soap With Lemon

Lavender Honey Soap With Lemon

Monogrammed Soaps

Hand Carved Monogrammed Soaps

Honey And Oatmeal Soap

Handmade Honey And Oatmeal Soap

Pumpkin Vanilla Swirl Soap

Homemade Pumpkin Vanilla Swirl Soap

Rose Petal Soaps

DIY Rose Petal Soaps


Swirl Soaps

Spoon Swirl Soaps

Scrapbook Paper Soap

Cheap Dollar Store Scrapbook Paper Soap

Colorful Sunflower Goat Milk Soap

Colorful Sunflower Goat Milk Soap

Chai Latte Soap

Chai Latte Soap

Coffee And Cream Soap

DIY Coffee And Cream Soap

Color Block Soap

Homemade Color Block Soap

Confetti Heart Soaps

Decorative Confetti Heart Soaps

Cucumber Bar Soap

Decorative Cucumber Bar Soap

Gemstone Soaps

Homemade Gemstone Soaps

Grapefruit And Eucalyptus Soap

Fresh Smelling Grapefruit And Eucalyptus Soap