Pick your favorite recipe for DIY Spray made with essential oils! Leave the plugins and toxic sprays at the store and opt for these simple homemade sprays. They are all-natural and allow you to experience the health benefits of essential oils at the same time.They don’t smell fake like commercial air fresheners do.Glass or metal is preferable, as essential oils can eat through plastic.

Essential Oil Hair Spray

All Natural Essential Oil Hair Spray

Holiday Room Spray

DIY Holiday Room Spray

Lice Repellent Spray

DIY Lice Repellent Spray

Mold Spray

DIY Mold Spray

Breath Spray

Homemade All Natural Breath Spray

Spray Moisturizer

DIY Spray Moisturizer

Yoga Mat Cleaner

DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

Sleep Spray

Natural Homemade Sleep Spray


Essential Oil Body Spray

Essential Oil Body Spray

Hair Detangler And Curling Spray

Homemade Hair Detangler And Curling Spray

Makeup Setting Spray

DIY Makeup Setting Spray  youngliving

Disinfecting Spray

Easy DIY Disinfecting Spray

Countertop Cleaning Spray

Homemade Countertop Cleaning Spray

Fabric Refresher Spray

DIY Fabric Refresher Spray