The garden and terrace covered with many colors and greenery can make you relax and for a moment to forget everyday worries. You don’t have to spend always a lot of money for a great and practical container for your garden plants and flowers. There are many creative and inexpensive DIY ways to make amazing decoration that will be functional in the same time. We have compiled a number of photos giving you ideas on how to make your outdoor plants look better. Not to forget the effectiveness of saving space in your home and money from your pockets.

Lace Flower Pots

DIY Lace Flower Pots

Rock Covered Planters

DIY Rock Covered Planters

Wood Chevron Planter Box

Recycled Wood Chevron Planter Box

Concrete Planters

DIY Concrete Planters

Faceted Gem Planters

DIY Faceted Gem Planters

Ball Planters

DIY Disco Ball Planters

Fabric Covered Planters

DIY Fabric Covered Planters

Painted Flower Pots

Easy Hand Painted Flower Pots

Chalkboard Planters

DIY Chalkboard Planters

Paver Planters

DIY Repurposed Paver Planters

 Muffin Tin Planters

Upcycled Muffin Tin Planters

 Drip Painted Planters

DIY Drip Painted Planters

Paint Can Planters

DIY Upcycled Paint Can Planters

Recycled Tire Planters

Recycled Tire Planters