Is your kid’s room overflowing with toys? As time goes by, your kid’s collection of stuffed animal toys may keep increasing to take over his/her bedroom and play area. Corral them with these genius stuffed animal storage ideas. They’re cute. They’re cuddly. And they’re taking over your house. Organize your child’s stuffed animal collection with these smart (and stylish!) storage ideas.

Cute DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo

Cute DIY Stuffed Animal Zooonthebanksofsquawcreek

Repurposed Planter Toy Storage

Repurposed Planter Toy Storage diyinspired

DIY Under Bed Toy Storage

DIY Under Bed Toy Storage


Repurposed Milk Crate Storage

Repurposed Milk Crate Storagepinterest originals

Wire Hamper Stuffed Animal Storage

Wire Hamper Stuffed Animal Storageprettyprudent

Adorable DIY Stuffed Animal Swing

Adorable DIY Stuffed Animal Swing itsalwaysautumn

Easy Under Bed Stuffed Animal Pods

Easy Under Bed Stuffed Animal Pods thriftycraftygirl

DIY Tulle Stuffed Animal Storage

DIY Tulle Stuffed Animal Storageshadytreediary

Repurposed Shoe Organizer

Repurposed Shoe Organizerpinterest originals

Stuffed Animal Bean Bag

Stuffed Animal Bean

Easy DIY Stuffed Animal Net

Easy DIY Stuffed Animal Net lemonsqueezyhome

Repurposed Hat Box Stuffed Animal Storage

Repurposed Hat Box Stuffed Animal Storagemom

Cheap Repurposed Metal Buckets

Cheap Repurposed Metal Buckets itsy-bits-and-pieces