Home security should always be a priority. After all, it’s not just about possessions. Home security is also about keeping you and your family safe.

1.     Don’t Broadcast Your Holiday Plans

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to be away for a night or a month – always keep your holiday plans private. You don’t need burglars knowing when your property will be left empty.

2.     Install Motion Detecting Lights

When it comes to home security, night is not your friend. So make sure your property is well lit, but also energy efficient, by installing motion detecting lights. They’ll be sure to light up any unauthorised intruders.

3.     Upgrade Your Locks

Locks should ideally be on every access point in your home. Upgrade your lock system, not only by using heavier-duty locks, but also by making sure they’re on every exterior door and window.

4.     Use Your Locks

Once you’ve installed your lock system make sure to use it. There are plenty of instances when burglars have gained access simply because a property owner forgot to lock an entry point.

5.     Use a Gate System

If you live in a larger property you may wish to consider a gate or sliding door system for your perimeter. These can be very effective against intruders in the first instance.

6.     Get Smart

Home security can be compromised for many reasons, but make sure that one of those reasons isn’t you. For example, don’t leave a spare key in a place where it can be easily found.

7.     Rely on Your Neighbours

Neighbours can be extremely helpful in the fight against crime. If you’re going out of town, consider leaving your details with a trusted neighbour and asking them to keep an eye out, just in case.

8.     Don’t Invite Strangers In

Thieves will often ‘case’ a property by coming to the door under a different guise before breaking in. This is to check out the layout of your home and assess the value of your belongings. Keep all unknown visitors on the doorstep.

9.     Join Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch scheme is there for your protection, so make sure you join up. These groups help to keep an eye on each other’s properties.

10.  Consider Moving

It’s not the most practical solution, but if crime is really a problem in your area then you may wish to consider moving. Whilst it’s an upheaval in the short term, in the long term you may appreciate a change of scenery.

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