How to Style Denim Jacket this Spring: 20 Stylish Outfit Ideas (part 1)

Spring weather isn’t predictable, so it’s important to always have a spring jacket handy. This transitional season offers a range of weather from rain, warm sun and cool nights. This means you need a jacket that you can easily layer over your spring looks yet still compliments your outfits. One of the best and easiest jacket choices to go with is a denim jacket. Denim jackets have been in style for years. It’s that one piece that we basically all have whether you got it vintage from a thrift shop, at Abercrombie when you were in high school, or from your favorite designer. We’ve gathered some of our favorite spring outfits that feature a jean jacket for you to gain some serious inspiration from. Below are 20 looks. And here you can find 20 more.

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