15 Cool DIY Ideas That You Can Make With Wine Corks

Wine cork crafts are a beginner’s favorite but experienced crafters like them too because of the flexibility that the wine corks provide. They are easy to shape, easy to piece together but most importantly, they are very easy and cheap to find. You probably have a bunch of them in a drawer somewhere but even if you don’t, you can find a whole bag of them for almost no cost at all.
If you’re new to crafting, you’re probably wondering by now: “What in the world can I do with something as small and generic as a wine cork?”
Oh, don’t worry about them being small because what they lack in size, they have in numbers.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY hacks and crafts in which we’ll show you 15 Cool DIY Ideas That You Can Make With Wine Corks. Check out the photos below and you will find yourself inspired by many different and very creative DIY ideas that make use of wine corks in everyday objects. Some of these ideas are functional while others are purely decorative. But in the end, they look cool and are free to make. Enjoy!

1. Upcycled Wine Cork DIY Placemat

2. DIY Keychain Cork

3. Hot Air Balloon DIY Mobile With Wine Cork Baskets

4. Wine Cork DIY Photo Clip

5. Wine Cork DIY Bulletin Board

6. Ombre DIY Necklace Organizer

7. Steady A Chair With Wine Cork Slices

8. Wine Cork DIY Coasters

9. DIY Wine Cork Dart Board Wall

10. DIY Wine Cork Trivet

11. Wine Cork DIY Bathmat

12. Framed DIY Wine Cork Board

13. Wine Cork DIY Backsplash

14. Wine Cork DIY Sailboat

15. DIY Vase From Wine Corks

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