Why Designer Sunglasses Might Be One of the Top Accessories This Year

Undoubtedly, 2023 was a year dominated by accessories. Social media feeds were inundated with statement-making pieces, from quirky bags and red tights to split-toe shoes. Most recently, eyewear has become an extension of the accessories craze – thanks, in part, to trends like ‘quiet luxury’ and the ‘mob wife’ aesthetic. Fashion experts pin this on eyewear’s transformative quality, as well, noting that it’s the perfect way to draw attention. Unlike shoes or bags, they’re impossible to miss. All of this has culminated in designer sunglasses turning into a powerful new category. Last year, the Lyst Index reported that ‘it’ designer sunglasses saw the biggest category increase, with searches climbing by 57%.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the factors behind why designer sunglasses are shaping up to be one of the hottest fashion accessories this year, too.

They’re a staple of every trend cycle

The versatility of designer sunglasses means that they’re a wardrobe staple, regardless of what style you’re hopping on. Take the quiet luxury movement, for instance. In contrast to most micro-trends spawned on TikTok and Instagram that are here one day and gone the next, quiet luxury is an enduring concept. With a focus on understated elegance and careful craftsmanship, it’s all about quality over quantity. As a result, sunglasses that fit into this niche are more likely to stay in vogue; think classic, black cat-eye frames like the Prada PR 23ZS paired with chic vintage earrings.

On the opposite end of the fashion spectrum is the maximalist mob wife aesthetic, which calls for bold vintage sunglasses, gaudy jewelry, and animal prints. Here, designer sunglasses make an appearance, as well. Some sunglasses that go best with this category are the DG4438 model by Dolce & Gabbana and the TF4206U by Tiffany & Co.

They offer style and substance

With the advent of fast fashion, many fashion lovers have fallen victim to the trap of snapping up cheap, trendy sunglasses that fall apart mere weeks later. Luxury sunglasses, on the other hand, are crafted using high-quality materials like acetate, titanium, and premium metals, offering both durability and comfort. They’re also accessible on a variety of platforms, including online and offline. Case in point, Sunglass Hut has an extensive collection of high-quality, designer sunglasses, ranging from timeless classics to the latest styles. Whether you’re into maximalist frames, elegant cat-eye silhouettes, or statement sunglasses, there’s a pair to suit every taste.

What’s more, designer sunglasses prioritize not just form but also functionality. Designer brands like Prada, Oliver Peoples, and Versace provide superior, 100% UV protection, shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays. Additionally, anti-glare and polarized lens coatings ensure your eyes are comfortable and well-protected, even on the sunniest days.

They’re loved by celebrities

It’s no secret that many fashionistas take style inspiration from well-loved celebrities, and sunglasses are no exception. In fact, when tastemakers like Bella Hadid are seen donning anything new, this stamp of approval is typically what cements trends. With designer sunglasses, the star-studded 2023 Wimbledon Championships proved the accessory’s standing in the fashion world. Spotted in the crowd were high-profile celebrities such as Ariana Grande wearing round, green Tiffany & Co frames, Priyanka Chopra sporting futuristic sunglasses by Victoria Beckham, and Tessa Thompson in stand-out chunky sunglasses. Even literal royals made a mark, with Kate Middleton wearing oversized black shades and Princess Charlotte in a pink, round pair of sunnies.

At this point, it’s clear why designer sunglasses are poised to become this year’s hottest fashion accessory, especially after the splash they made in 2023. Their versatility, premium quality, and reputation as a celebrity favorite all contribute to their status as a wardrobe staple.