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What are Tamper Proof Screws?

Tamper proof security screws have unique heads that make them significantly tricky to remove and more resistant to tension or wear.

These security screws are also known as anti-tamper and anti-theft screws. Tamper-resistant screws are difficult or impossible to remove without the proper screwdriver.

Tamper proof security screws have heads incompatible with the standard slot or Phillips screwdrivers.

Instead, they necessitate specialized screwdrivers or drill bits for installation and removal.

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Most businesses that use tamper-proof screws are concerned about security.

A tamper-proof screw typically has an unusual drive head that a standard screwdriver will not fit into, protecting and securing the material or equipment from an external breach.

Types of Tamper Proof Screws

Tamper-proof screws come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The following are some of the most common screw head shapes:

  • One-way screws
  • Pin Hex Head screws
  • Torx screws
  • Spanner screws
  • Button head screws
  • Flanged Button head screws
  • Countersunk screws
  • Hex socket cap screws
  • Pan head screws

Security screws are designed similarly to standard screws.

Still, one significant difference is that security screws come in various shapes and sizes, and each has a distinct drive style that necessitates using specific tools.

The distinctive drive style is due to the primary purpose of a security screw, which is to prevent tampering and alteration by unauthorized persons.

Tamper proof screws are nearly impossible to remove without a precise tool, and drilling or cutting the screw may be required for extraction in some cases.

Tamper-proof screws cannot be removed with a standard screwdriver—this aids in preventing access to the compartment.

Depending on the screw model, the threads may have distinctive characteristics that alter the screw’s behavior.

Uses of Tamper Proof Screws

Tamper-proof screws’ secure design helps reduce the risk of vandalism or disassembly in various applications.

Tamper-proof seal screws are critical for securing high-value machinery indoors and outdoors, as well as sophisticated components.

Manufacturers use them to prevent unauthorized tampering with their products.

They are also used in industrial infrastructure, medical and pharmaceutical facilities, corrections facilities, the aerospace and automotive industries, financial institutions, and government sites.

Systems in public places are excellent examples, as they are vulnerable to vandalism or sabotage. Imagine a simple slotted head screw that can be easily undone in public with a simple flat-headed screwdriver or even a small coin in their pocket.

The purpose of the security screw is to prevent this and deter vandals from attempting to undo the screw.

Tamper proof screws are intended to prevent removal or tampering. In recent years, their use has increased to prevent theft, interference with fixtures, and, increasingly, access to the working parts of electronic devices and gadgets.

When procuring a tamper-proof screw, consider the level of security required, the removal of the screw, the degree/level of high torque fixing required, and the aesthetics.

Tamper-proof screws are an excellent choice for securing a piece of critical equipment that could cause hazardous conditions or for securing a security system control panel to prevent it from being cracked open. They are fastening devices that prevent theft and vandalism.