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If you’ve been on the road for a while, it’s probably safe to say you know a thing or two about travelling by now. From which beds are the best to go for in hostels, to how to carry your backpack without getting backache and the types of traveller to avoid, these are all things you pick up along the way. Here are some tips for long term travelling successfully that you may not yet have discovered to ensure you enjoy the rest of your adventure to the full:

Keep in Touch with Friends and Family at Home

Although depending on where you are in the world it can be tricky, and with different time zones across the globe to think about it’s vital to regularly keep in touch with your friends and family at home is a must, even when you’re not feeling homesick. With TNT you can easily post presents and trinkets you find along your way home for a great price and be sure that they’ll arrive at home on time and in great condition. This is also useful for any gifts you find along the way that you’d like to keep for yourself to keep in your own home too, with things like rugs and paintings being too heavy to carry with you whilst travelling.

Start a Travel Blog

A travel blog is a great way to keep everyone at home informed of your travels and provides a great resource for looking back in years to come and remembering all of your amazing adventures. You can upload all of your photos and write about funny stories and all the adventures you’ve had so friends and family at home can keep up with your adventures as you roam across the globe.

Make Friends

If you’ve been travelling for a long time with one friend or the same group, it’s inevitable that eventually you’re probably going to end up getting on each other’s nerves a little from time to time. A good way to combat this is to ensure your always making new friends and spending time apart, this means the time that you do spend together is much more pleasant as you’ll have new stories to tell each other and won’t feel as irritated with each other’s company after a long period of time.

By following all these top tips you’ll be well informed to enjoy the rest of your long-term travel adventure to the full.