If you’re currently crafting a blog, or already have one but think something doesn’t feel quite right, there may be a simple solution to giving it that lease of life.

Injecting more of your personality into your blog’s design is a great way to not only improve the general appearance of the blog, but also to help support the idea of you creating a brand for yourself; something that your readers can recognise and identify you as a writer with. We think this is a really great venture, so we’ve put together some tips for doing just that.

Utilise your favourite colours and patterns

It’s quite an obvious point but an important one, all the same. When choosing your blog’s colour palette, don’t just automatically opt for colour options that you think will look good or professional. Instead, whilst obviously taking that into consideration a little, think about what colours you like and how you can utilise them even a little bit in your blog’s theme and overall design. It’s also worth considering the psychology behind logo color choices. Learn how color affects the perception of your customers and your business.


Craft a great logo

If you really want your readers to start identifying your blog as more of a brand rather than just a simple website, it’s a good idea to ‘brand’ it, and you can do this in a lot of ways, but the first step generally tends to be by creating a logo that you use throughout your online presence. (There’s a really useful article here about crafting a logo for your blog that’s worth a read). You should keep things consistent and use this logo on things like your Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc too.

Blog Quote Bubble

Use lots of your own images

Nothing will show your personality more than your own text and in a visual sense; your own images. Occasional use of stock images or other sourced images from the web are great and will be really useful at times, but as a general rule it’s a really good idea to utilise your own photos the majority of the time. This not only gives your blog a more human aspect, but also gives your readers a glimpse into your life, too.

Don’t be afraid to get some professional help

That heading sounded a bit scarier than we intended! There are lots of resources, companies and sites out there dedicated to helping people like you create and perfect their blogs, whether it’s for a business (big or small) or for an individual’s blog. Website design help from the likes of http://www.1and1.co.uk/website-design can be really useful as these can take the hassle out of creating a website, and you can work closely with them so it turns out to be exactly as you’d hoped.

Keep things fairly simple

Whilst it can be tempting to inject all aspects of your personality into your blog’s design and appearance, you might want to hold back and try and keep things fairly simple. Not only will this enhance your user’s experience, but it will also make the pages look more professional, too.