We all love to shop for clothing. All those brand new styles, colors, and cuts are so exciting and fun, and if all that cost very little, we tend to buy the hell out of it for sure. But stop! You need to take a better look at clothing before committing to them. Some clothing has features every fashionista should avoid – those might make your look sloppy and ruin your whole polished look!

Imperfect fit

Fit fit fit! This is that one world that is crucial if you want to look good. So it is definitely worth to remember it while shopping for clothing. And, to be fair, perfectly fitted clothing will always create a very expensive look. Clothing that costs a million going to look like garbage if it doesn’t fit well. So every time then you hit stores, try out different sizes and find that one flawlessly fitted item. If that is a problem for you and you just can’t find the right size, but you love the dress – there is one solution! Find a good tailor and recreate or alter clothing to fit you like a glove. You won’t regret that for sure!


Clumsy finishing

Another thing you should stay away while shopping for clothing is several signs of clothing being unfinished. That includes threads that are kind of loose, multiple odd creases, missing or poorly fixed buttons, and prints that don’t line up. All of these can make even the most expensive piece look totally cheap, and it can also show that your outfit was made by poor quality designers or brands. Better stick to clothing that is sewn straight and well-finished edges and have well lined up prints on the entire garment.


Gathered seams

One of the most important things you should keep your eyes on while shopping for clothing is gathered seams. Designers love these because it helps them to hide imperfections of fit and also it is a lot cheaper to make such clothing than sharply tailored ones. And this is the exact reason you should avoid that! That shows! Better stick with fine and clean shaped clothing and you will look fashionable instantly. Of course, such clothing might cost more due to its high quality and work put into it, but famous designer brands like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue constantly release discount coupons and because of that, at some of these stores, you can instantly save for example $50 off $200+ orders or astonishing 60% off your entire purchase!


Small and complicated prints

Prints are always elegant and can make every outfit stand out more, but not all prints can do the magic. Small and complex prints like paisley and tiny, multicolor floral ones look neither cute nor expensive. So stay as far away from them as possible. Moreover, such small prints are hard to match with other clothing, so it might be very hard to achieve a stylish look with those as well. Better choose big and bold prints like stripes of contrast colors or classic polka dots, and you will always be just fine!


Embellishments can be quite fun and decorative, but you should be very careful with them on clothing too. The more embellishments there are on clothing – the worse. So either choose a piece with just a few embroideries, sequins, beadings, or studs or skip them at all and let your accessories do the work. It will be much easier to accessorize once there are no other blingy and shiny things on your clothing!