The Best Cars For The City In 2023

For trips within the city, it is recommended to buy a small car based on a hatchback or sedan. Such cars are distinguished by good maneuverability and moderate fuel consumption, which is convenient for urban conditions. If you want to exchange your junk car for cash in Des Moinescash and buy a new car, then this article is for you.

The best vehicles for the city in terms of price-quality ratio

A car for urban conditions should be distinguished by maneuverability and moderate fuel consumption. At the same time, the power of the engine plays a secondary role, since it is problematic to develop high speed in the city due to the many restrictions on traffic rules.

KIA Picanto

Subcompact South Korean car, which has a pleasant appearance, good ergonomics, and low fuel consumption. Kia Picanto is produced according to the model of a five-door hatchback with a good amount of interior space. The car is equipped with a gasoline engine, and the engine is available in two trim levels – 49,2 kW and 61,7 kW. The engine allows you to accelerate to 62,1 miles/hour in 11 seconds, which is a good indicator.

On sale, there are cars with a both manual and automatic gearbox, so that the driver can choose the gearbox to suit his needs. Thanks to the powerful engine, good maneuverability around the city is ensured, and there is a good climate system inside the cabin, which will allow you to travel in comfort.


  • nice appearance;
  • excellent ergonomics;
  • moderate fuel consumption.


  • mediocre trunk size;
  • mediocre soundproofing of the case.

Smart Fortwo

Ultra-compact rear-wheel drive hatchback or 2-seat convertible. The car comes with a powerful petrol engine that can develop 44,1 kW, 52,2 kW, or 66,1 kW depending on the Smart Fortwo generation. The car reaches the mark of 62,1 miles in 11-12 seconds, and its compact dimensions allow you to effectively maneuver in urban conditions.

Smart Fortwo is a great choice for single people, but it is not suitable for families due to the small number of seats and the small trunk.


  • excellent maneuverability;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • there is cruise control, ABS, and ESP systems.


  • super compact trunk;
  • mediocre cornering stability (especially in winter).

Hyundai i10

Budget compact hatchback city class for 5 seats. It is produced in several varieties, which differ mainly in the version of the engine (from 44,1 kW to 60,3 kW). On sale, you can find cars with gasoline, diesel, and gas engines.

The machine is equipped with an emergency safety kit, which reduces the risk of an accident in urban areas. The body is made of lightweight steel, which reduces the weight and ergonomics of the vehicle (although the risk of injury will be higher in the event of an accident).


  • compact dimensions;
  • excellent ergonomics;
  • several engine options.


  • high skid during sharp turns;
  • mediocre interior trim;
  • very small trunk.


South Korean small class car, which is produced according to the sedan or hatchback body scheme. A distinctive feature of this car is road stability and a productive engine with 78,6 kW or 90,4 kW. Kia Rio is on sale with both manual and automatic gearboxes.

The car is equipped with a climate system, and the models of the latest modification are equipped with systems for sudden braking and stabilization of the car on the road. KIA Rio is great for families due to the high capacity of the cabin.


  • excellent road holding;
  • cheap parts available;
  • productive engine.


  • high fuel consumption;
  • the body is made of thin metal.

Volkswagen Polo

Another small class car, which is produced according to the sedan and hatchback schemes. The car is equipped with low-power, but productive petrol or diesel engines for 44,1 kW, 55,1 kW, 58,8 kW, 62,5 kW, or 66,1 kW. Most Volkswagen Polos are equipped with a 5 or 6-gear manual gearbox, but modern cars are equipped with a robot gearbox for comfortable movement around large cities.

The car accelerates in 8-10 seconds, depending on the type of engine, but it consumes a lot of fuel. Volkswagen Polo is well suited for families with children, and several engine options allow you to choose a car for both small and large cities.


  • there is a built-in automatic parking system;
  • several engine options;
  • roomy trunk.


  • high fuel consumption;
  • suitable only for driving on roads due to low ground clearance.

Mazda 2

A subcompact Japanese-made car, which is produced according to the sedan and hatchback schemes (there is also a two-seat three-door model on sale). The machine is made of durable metal, it is equipped with an engine of 55,1 kW or 77,2 kW. This ensures good maneuverability combined with high stability, which makes the machine indispensable in winter when the risk of an accident increases significantly.

Mazda 2 is equipped with outdated, but quite good gearboxes (mechanics in 5 steps and automatic in 4 steps)


  • a combination of good maneuverability and stability;
  • low fuel consumption on the road;
  • several body options.


  • outdated gearboxes;
  • expensive spare parts;
  • weak climate system.

Ford Fiesta

Subcompact car, which is made according to the hatchback scheme. The main features are very high-quality interior trim and many useful systems. Among them are a progressive on-board computer, an emergency braking function, a good climate system, traffic stabilization, and so on. However, almost all Ford Fiestas are exclusively equipped with a manual transmission.

It is available in several engine options, and for the city, it is recommended to take a gasoline engine with 44,1-66,1 kW. The engine runs on gasoline, diesel, and gas.


  • good ergonomics;
  • several engine options;
  • lots of useful systems


  • only manual transmission;
  • mediocre interior space.

Wrapping up

When choosing a car for the city, be guided by the ergonomics of the car. The car must be compact and nimble so that the driver can move quickly and comfortably in heavy traffic. For urban conditions, an average power engine will suffice. If you need help clearing space in your garage for your new car, JunkCarsUs can help you with it. A 30-year-old company buys old, damaged, and totaled cars all over the USA.