If you’re still searching for that perfect piece of swimwear to add to your summer holiday wardrobe, but are struggling to find ‘the one’, there are some do’s and don’ts that should make your quest to finding the perfect piece a little easier. We all know the basics, swimwear should feel good on the body, look flattering and should make you feel amazing, but there are a number of things that many of us can overlook. Read on as we discuss our top five do’s and don’t’s when it comes to summer swimwear.

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DO Mix and Match

Experimenting with separate pieces is a great way of creating an interesting look whilst maximising your choices when it comes to swimwear options. Brands such as FELLA Swimwear sell their pieces separately, allowing you to choose which pieces you pair together. This can also be a more cost effective way of building your swimwear collection, as one pair of bottoms can be matched with numerous tops. When mixing and matching, try to pair items that made using similar materials, and play around with mixing different colours and prints.

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DO NOT Get caught out with unflattering tan lines

Although swimwear with unusual cuts or multiple straps has been all the rage recently, and may look great for a day out, try and think about the tan lines that they will leave behind. There’s nothing more unflattering than white tan lines when you’re wearing an elegant summer dress later on in the evening.

If you insist that a cut-out one-piece or bondage type strappy number is the perfect suit for you then ensure you protect your skin properly in order to reduce the risk of being left with an interesting pattern on your skin.

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DO Invest in timeless pieces

Even though there is currently a huge range of different shapes and designs when it comes to swimwear, sometimes sticking to your old favourites is the best option. When it come to signature styles, there are a number of designs that come to mind. For example, the black one piece or red/white two piece is a classic look that is not in danger of going out of style. These timeless styles will look good even in years to come and so are worth investing in.

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DO NOT Forget your Sunnies

When sporting any type of swimwear it’s often a good idea to keep other accessories to a minimum, this is of course apart from your sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses has many health benefits, and can also be  just the thing to add another element of interest to your beach attire. Whether you opt for a stylish pair of statement sunnies, or stick to something altogether more timeless, sunglasses are an essential element to summer fashion and should never be overlooked.

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DO Choose swimwear that suits your body type

It’s important to consider what swimsuit best suits your body type when shopping for swimwear. For example, a small triangle bikini can look fabulous on a woman who has a smaller bust, but this style could not look as flattering on women who have been blessed with a larger chest. Finding a style that is flattering is all about drawing attention to the areas you are comfortable with. Perhaps you require more support up top to ensure that everything stays in place. Once you have found a style or shape that suits your body type, stick with it and experiment with similar styles, but in different materials or prints.

Hopefully, the above points should make finding the perfect swimwear piece a doddle, without the need of spending hours in the changing rooms trying on a ridiculous amount of unsuitable bikini’s. What’s more, all the hours you save looking for the perfect piece can be spent more productively, or spent looking for other items of summer clothing if you are that way inclined!