So, you’ve finally decided it’s time to create your very own blog, your first one ever, and you just don’t know where to begin. Fortunate for you, starting a beauty blog isn’t all that difficult once you have a few key points in mind. Like the guide we just suggested, there are plenty of step by step tutorials that highlight how to start, even if you don’t have any HTML or programming experience.

If you are a newbie blogger that is itching to get started, here are 6 ultimate tips to get you up and running in just a short time. Although, you do need to know that blogging does take effort and consistency, given those two factors, there is no reason you can’t succeed.


1. Reliable Hosting Is a Must

The very first thing you need is reliable hosting. If you choose a hosting company that is often down or that doesn’t offer sufficient tech support you might as well hang it up. Few visitors will come back if your site is down when they land on it from the SERPs and if they do, you can count it a major miracle.

This is actually even as important as choosing your blog’s name and as a slight aside here, many hosting companies let you choose your domain name as part of their hosting package at no extra cost to you. So, while finding a cheap hosting company is important, focus more on value than price alone. It really can make or break your blog in the future.

2. Begin with Your Passion

When you set up your first blog, unless you are a professional copywriter, it is important to stick with your passion. This is something you know about, probably need little research to get blogging, and something you enjoy enough to keep at along the way. For example, whether you want to blog about home décor, travel, cars, or men’s haircuts, you need to be able to blog about the topic for at least 100 posts.

Furthermore, authenticity will show through in your posts and stand out to your readers. In the long run, a genuine passion (as opposed to blogging for financial reasons) will help you build traffic, social followers, and search engine rankings.

3. Stay Focused on Your Niche

So many new bloggers get carried away with ideas for this and ideas for that. What a mistake! Stay focused on your niche or visitors will soon get lost trying to figure out what your blog is all about. They will quickly bounce off to another site where they can find what they need much more easily. Besides, you will rank higher with Google if you prove yourself to be a blog of authority and use keywords within your niche effectively.

4. Research

Once you have at least a skeleton site up and running, it’s time to research your competitors and see what makes them successful. See what other bloggers are doing and saying. Take a look at just what it is that they may be doing differently from you and then get ideas on how to improve your site.

This doesn’t mean plagiarize their content, but get ideas on how to improve and differentiate yourself. Copy infringement is a very serious offense you want to steer clear of! It can negatively affect your organic search engine traffic, primarily from Google, and even lead to the possibility of litigation.

5. Don’t Forget the ‘Must Have’ Pages

Every site must have certain pages that primarily make it a better user experience for visitors but also help the blog rank higher with the search engines. Google especially likes you to have a ‘Privacy’ page but ‘Contact’ and ‘About’ pages are also critical. A site map also helps Google know what’s on your site so that they can crawl your pages easier and this, in turn, will help you gain rank quicker. Gaining rank simply means you move up on the Search Engine Results Pages so you are found easier.

6. Consistency Is Essential

Also, it is very important to add content consistently. Whether it is every day, every week or even a few times a month. The search engine crawlers are always creeping around looking for new content which will keep your blog visible over time. As new blogs are posted elsewhere, and if you haven’t covered the topic, those blogs will quickly jump up ahead of you in rank. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

Since you have a beauty blog, you can start your own shop and sell beauty products to your readers and visitors. Make sure to set up an e-commerce app on your website to make it easy for prospects to order from you. The good news about this is your beauty blog allows people from all over the world to order from you. P2P FX make it easier for you to exchange currency in case you are getting payments from clients from other countries.

These 6 ultimate tips for newbie bloggers really are things you must know. Once you get started you’ll see that they fall into place and it won’t be like you have to check the list every day. It will become second nature. The key is to jump in there and get your feet wet. Before long you’ll be blogging with the best of us. What a thrill that day will be. Get blogging and have fun!