Smooth hair cut – popular haircuts in a new ampoule

It is not often possible to see the filigree precision of the cut on women’s hair, so many hair-cutting options have always caused violent emotions. Modern trends are cultivating this feature, so popular haircuts are beginning to take on a new image, transforming their ladies.

Classic Kare


The classic Kare with an even cut of hair is especially fashionable. But this haircut option is strict and will inevitably make a woman older than her years. However, the even-cut Bob haircut has not gone away from the fashionable images of Hollywood stars for many years.

Elongated Kare


Women with longer hair and with a bob haircut will also be able to please themselves with an even cut of hair. It turns out easily and unobtrusively. It works well for fine hair.

Fashionable bob


Bob-Kare is a combination of two popular classics that the famous hairdresser came up with. An even cut of hair gives the image extravagance, which makes people around them think about the good taste of women who have decided to take such a step in changing the image.

Straight cut for medium hair


Medium hair easily and simply benefits from an even cut of hair, where length is especially important for women. After all, with an even cut, the hair will grow evenly, not stand out and not stand out with different lengths of strands.

Straight cut for long hair


The master always recommends emphasizing long hair with an even cut due to the heavy load on the ends of the hair. An even cut seems to seal them and allows you to reduce the cross-section of the hair.