DIY & Crafts

Simple Easter crafts that become beautiful decorations

Invest in Easter crafts this year and celebrate the holiday really well with all the lovely decorations you can make yourself! Who doesn’t love a fun puzzle? Here we recommend wonderful and fun Easter crafts from Nordic Nest that work just as well for adults as for children, from activities such as dyeing eggs naturally to making bunny ears and paper eggs!

An extra tip is to bring spring into your Easter table setting by building a small bird’s nest. Create the nest using twigs that you tie with steel wire, then use it on the table setting to complement other Easter decorations or place it under the egg on the place setting.

Cute bunny ears for the eggs


You need:

  • Silver-colored copper wire for silver rabbit ears
  • Scissor
  • Egg

How to make bunny ears in copper wire for Easter eggs:

1. Wrap the copper wire one turn around the top of the egg to get an estimate of how big a circle you need.

2. Cut the wire about five centimeters extra from where you estimate the circle will end so you can reinforce the wire.

3. Make your circle as big as you need and wrap the remaining wire. Now you have the “head” itself.

4. Start with a bunny ear. Cut off as much wire as you need to make the desired size of bunny ears.

5. Bend the wire into an oval shape that tapers at the bottom.

6. Repeat with a smaller thread for a smaller inner ear.

7. Tie the ears to the “head”.

8. Repeat the same process for the other ear. Clear!

Fortune cookie and placement card


Another Easter egg craft you can do is to blow out eggs that you then put a nice message into the one you care about.

How to blow out eggs:

1. You blow out the egg by gently wiggling a needle on the pointed side of the egg while pressing lightly. You want to create a little hole here that you’re going to blow through.

2. On the other side of the egg, repeat the process but here the hole should be a little bigger than the first so the contents can flow out when you blow.

3. Write a nice greeting or some words of wisdom on a small piece of paper and roll up the note tightly. Then press the note into the egg and you’re done!

Easter decoration with egg shells


1. Crack an egg carefully so that it splits in half.

2. Pour the contents into a bowl and wash the peel carefully. Do not throw away the egg itself, but feel free to whisk it together into a good scrambled egg!

3. Fill the eggshell with some soaked oasis and put some flowers in it.

4. Tie a thread carefully around the eggshell and then tie it one more time at the end of the ends so you can hang the egg in the Easter basket. To make sure the thread stays around the egg, you can attach some tape to the bottom so the thread stays in place.