Memorable Bruges Photography - photography, art&architecture

Memorable Bruges Photography

You can’t say you lived until you’ve visited Bruges, or Brugge, how it’s called in Belgium. It is named “the Venice of the North” and this medieval city is one of Belgium’s crown jewels. The photos are good but the city is better, visit it with the next occasion.

Creative Examples Of Street Art That Will Blow Your Mind - street art, art&architecture, art

Creative Examples Of Street Art That Will Blow Your Mind

Street art is a way to express your opinion regarding a certain issue and many people do it because it has a far better impact then through internet, although the number of people who see it is smaller. I have to say from the start that this article is not about 3d chalk paintings, instead it is about various forms of street art made with awesome graffiti supplies. They range from political or social messages to detailed murals to cover a building facade or its steps. The article contains 59 images, a lot of them proving that some form of graffiti

25 DIY Easy And Impressive Wall Art Ideas - wall, ideas, diy, crafts, art

25 DIY Easy And Impressive Wall Art Ideas

Your walls are blank and boring? You are tired of staring at them and looking for a solution how to fill the space that is empty?! Quality art is very expensive and not everyone can afford it. You can take things into your hands and afford yourself a very unique art easily. Choosing the right supplies can help you create a wonderful and impressive wall art. It is not important are you on a tight budget or it is very hard to find wall art that suits you, we have combined some great DIY ideas that will for sure wake

50 Mind Blowing Examples Of Creative Stairs - stairs&windows, home decor, creative stairs

50 Mind Blowing Examples Of Creative Stairs

It isn’t a surprise that interior designers and architects get creative when they’re designing stairs cause they are representing an element on which you can have a lot of creative freedom as long as it fulfills its basic function. And like designing a site’s footer or menu to integrate in the overall design, the same way interior designers or architects make the stairs blend in the house’s design.

20 Great Wall Mirrors That Will Give The Wonderful Look To Your Room - mirrors, home design, home decor

20 Great Wall Mirrors That Will Give The Wonderful Look To Your Room

What can change a complete look of your room and give a better look of your interior design? We are giving you an answer: a mirror. It can be even more than a reflecting object for checking how your hair’s doing or how your hair looks like.   If you prefer round mirrors, like this below on the pictures with golden frames,it will add a bit of elegance to your bedroom or living room. With a mix of rectangular pieces you can make the hallway in playful and inviting atmosphere. On the other hand, choosing  different sizes and finding some interesting frames

Innovative Cool Ideas Of Modern Coffee Tables - table, product design, interior, ideas, house, furniture, commercial, architecture

Innovative Cool Ideas Of Modern Coffee Tables

The center and the most important part of your living room should be a nice, innovative coffee table.   It can be the best part of your room, and represent a very important element. It can make whole room more beautiful. Make it creative and practical, that is the most important. Having it combined all together, productivity , creativity and practical coffee table is not so hard to find.Let your imagination help you. Read this article and maybe it will be much more easier to find perfect one for yourself further on. We have choose some very creative coffee tables

50 Great Ideas: Bring In Some Yellow. Refresh Your Interior. - yellow, residential, interior design, idea, design, decorations, decoration, architecture

50 Great Ideas: Bring In Some Yellow. Refresh Your Interior.

Since the spring has come your apartment needs a little refreshment. We suggest you yellow color. WhyYELLOW? Because that is the color that lifts our spirits with no doubt. When you choose to paint your walls in this color-  you must know that it is very hard to pick the right one. It may go on green shades,also it can be too pale and washed out. We prefer those yellows with a strong depth that makes it fresh again and again. Yellow has been, and it is very well known, classical choice for interiors. Why wouldn’t it be? It is

Solution: How to create 40 square meter apartment comfortable - solution, small space, interior, how to, home decor, enlarge, dinning room, design, apartments

Solution: How to create 40 square meter apartment comfortable

You don’t need a big space to express yourself and create a interior design you dreamed about. We are showing you apartment that is only 40 square meters of living space but it’s still very comfy and cozy as a big prove on that. Just before the renovation,this apartmant  was a open space with just a one multi-purpose room.There was a problem, that room wasn’ t zoned well. On the other side, owners and a designer worked on that and have managed to changed it. Now we can learn from their work. Having the same space problem? You may learn

Resort Property In Leukerbad, Switzerland by Marc-Michael Interior Design - Switzerland, Marc-Michael, Leukerbad, interior design, home decor, editor, apartments

Resort Property In Leukerbad, Switzerland by Marc-Michael Interior Design

Nestled in the mountains of Switzerland, this Leukerbad resort property gives a stunning snow-capped valley view of the mountains and trees. The white fluffy carpet and different combinations of texture create the perfect blend for a soft contrast. Discover the beauty that lies within this stone granite fire place and enjoy a nice bubble bath while overlooking a breath-taking view. Glowing with specs of golden yellow and pearl, this bathroom design draws your eyes straight to accent titles and unique pendant lighting fixtures. This oasis bathroom design presents a gorgeous view to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy. A gorgeous chandelier with

12 Earrings Amazing Design With Faceted Jewels - jewelry, fashion, Earrings

12 Earrings Amazing Design With Faceted Jewels

Gem Drop Earrings Spike Link Gem Drop Earring Summer Doorknocker Earring Gem Drop Earrings Warehouse Pistachio Chandelier Drop Earrings Jewelled Triangle Stud Earrings Stone Rectangle Doorknocker Earrings Neon Blast Gem Drop Earring Square Drop Earrings John & Pearl Lola Earrings Spot Triangle Doorknocker Mixed Gemstone Stud Earrings You can buy here!

Gap Spring 2013 Casual Shirts for Men - shirts, man, Gap Spring 2013, fashion, Casual Shirts

Gap Spring 2013 Casual Shirts for Men

If you’re getting ready for the presence of spring and want to fill your wardrobe with the right clothes for this colorful and beautiful season, then you’ll need shirts – a lot of shirts actually. Since shirts are like one of the basic clothing articles that men count on almost every day, we’re presenting to you the latest collection of Gap casual shirts for spring 2013 to make it totally easy for you to go out every day looking totally trendy while being comfortable. These causal shirts by Gap will give you ultimate comfort and they are available in many

H&M Kids “Baby Favorites” 2013 Collection - H&M Kids, fashion, Baby Favorites, baby, 2013 Collection

H&M Kids “Baby Favorites” 2013 Collection

Dressing your babies is one of the totally fun yet cute things that you do. In order to ensure that your baby’s clothes are of great quality and come in great styles and colors as well, check out this totally cute H&M “Baby Favorites” Collection for babies for 2013. The collection is going to be a favorite for your baby indeed, and it includes pieces suitable for baby girls and boys. Totally awesome clothing pieces in cute colors will make your baby stand out anywhere, and the best part is that all these pieces are completely affordable. Baby Favorites includes

Incredible photos of Crazy House, Vietnam - vietnam, incredible building, crazy house, building in vietnam, building in asia, amazing building

Incredible photos of Crazy House, Vietnam

Hằng Nga guesthouse  popularly known as the “Crazy House” , is an unconventional building designed and constructed by Vietnamese woman architect Đặng Việt Nga in Đà Lạt, Vietnam. Described as a “fairy tale house”, the building’s overall design resembles a giant tree, incorporating sculptured design elements representing natural forms such as animals, mushrooms, spider webs and caves. Its architecture, comprising complex, organic, non-rectilinear shapes, has been described as expressionist. Nga has acknowledged the inspiration of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí in the building’s design, and visitors have variously drawn parallels between it and the works of artists such as Salvador Dalí and Walt Disney. Since its opening in 1990, the building has

Cathedral Cove, New Zealand - wonderfull, seaside, ocean, new zealand, cave, beach

Cathedral Cove, New Zealand

Te Whanganui-A-Hei (Cathedral Cove) Marine Reserve is a marine reserve on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. Cathedral Cove is named after the cave located there, linking Mare’s Leg Cove to Cathedral Cove. Gemstone Bay and Stingray Bay are also located within the reserve. A walking track exists from the northern end of Hahei Beach, and it is also possible to walk from the local authority car park at the top of the headland between Hahei and Gemstone Bay. The area is very popular with tourists, and receives around 150,000 visitors a year. Boat and kayaking tours come from Whitianga in the north and Hahei in the south to visit the area.

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