One of the easiest ways to look frumpy or all over the place is to wear clothes that do not fit properly. While most stores have different size options, this is not the only body discrepancy among women. Each individual has their own body type, dimensions, and height. Some people have longer torsos and shorter legs, while others have the opposite problem. Certain women are smaller in some areas while being wider in others. Rarely do clothes accommodate these differences. This does not mean that you have to leave your favorite item on the rack, however. Here are some tips to get you sorted:

Try Different Sizes

A mistake that many women make is believing that they will fit into the same size at each store. However, even if a clothing store follows the same sizing as others, it does not necessarily add up. This is why it is a good idea to try one size smaller and once size larger if the fit does not seem right. You should keep going in either direction until you have found the one that sticks to you the best. This might be a time consuming exercise, but it is certainly worth the effort.

Tailor Clothes

One of the biggest problems among women is that they simply do not get enough of their clothes tailored. However, this is the key to having clothes that fit you to a tee. This is because a tailor or seamstress will take down your exact measurements to make sure that the outfit fits you. This can be particularly helpful for hourglass-figured women with smaller waists. Petite women who are tired of tripping over too-long dresses or trouser legs will also benefit from a little bit of tailoring. If, despite your best efforts, something does not fit completely right in the store, get it tailored.

Think Outside the Box

Ariel Winter was one of the most recent young celebrities who spoke about the difficulty of having curves. The then fifteen-year-old star did something quite unusual for someone her age and status and reduced the size of her breasts. In addition to other factors, the young star claimed finding clothes that fit right was a big problem for her. If you are tired of facing a challenge every time you enter a changing room, you should know you are not alone. There are others who have gone through the same discomfort and chosen to solve it with AZ breast reduction.

Shop in the Now

Everyone is guilty of this little strategy – you buy something with the goal of wearing it once you have lost some weight. While it might seem like a great motivating tactic, it is actually quite pointless. You should only buy clothes that you can wear now. It is important to dress for the body shape that you currently have. Once you lose that weight, then you can go shopping for your new size. Until then, you should stick with things that fit you this very moment.

To sum up, remember to try on as many sizes as possible until you find the closest fit. You should also stick with how you look now, and try to get into the habit of getting your clothes tailored. It is certainly worth the few extra dollars you spend. Memorize this list and keep it in mind the next time you go shopping.