How Can A Locksmith Improve Your Home Security?

Locksmith service is the first thing in mind when you can’t enter your home, but a professional locksmith plays an important role in the overall security of your home. Security should be one of your priorities as a homeowner, and a locksmith can help make the necessary improvements. Generally, a locksmith can assist with preventative security measures.

An advantage of hiring a locksmith is the expertise and knowledge they have. If you think changing the lock on one of your doors is a good do-it-yourself project, consider the security aspect. Working with a professional locksmith from Locksmith Plus In Seattle WA, and other similar providers will ensure a good start in keeping your home secure.

Aside from helping you deal with instances where you end up locked out of your house or vehicle, here are several ways a locksmith can improve your home security.

1. Reinforce Doors And Windows

One of the tasks a locksmith can do to improve home security is reinforcing the doors, especially the main entry points. As burglary attempts continue to rise, it’s likely for an intruder to kick the door, especially if no one is around. If the current locking system isn’t secure, it’s an easy entry point. You can avoid this by consulting a nearby locksmith for suggestions to reinforce the door.

Some of the reinforcement methods involve the addition of hardware for doors and the installation of a protective film for windows. Generally, the hinges, the installation site of the locks, and the door jamb are the most vulnerable parts of a door. Potential intruders are likely to focus on these areas to gain access to a house.

A professional locksmith has the skills and expertise to reinforce these susceptible points to minimize the chances of unwanted entry. Additionally, the locksmith may install electronic devices to improve safety, such as a digital door viewer. These add-ons will allow you to see who’s outside without even opening the door.

2. Install High-Security Locks Or Deadbolts

As an added security feature, hire a locksmith to install a high-security lock or deadbolt. Doing so will significantly boost security, making it difficult for potential intruders to access your home.

Adding a deadbolt to a reinforced door will reduce the chances of entry. In most cases, the door could no longer be poked open using a card. A deadbolt offers a better level of security since it can’t be moved to an open position unless rotated by the lock cylinder. Generally, a deadbolt is difficult to access or break.

You can also consider switching to high-security locks. Generally, these locks are reinforced with highly durable rods and plates. These features make it challenging for potential intruders since the usual picking or drilling methods are unlikely to work. Adding high-security locks on the main entry doors will give you peace of mind due to the high level of security they provide.

3. Integrate Smart Lock Systems And Surveillance Cameras

When you have the budget to splurge, consider the latest technology, such as smart locks and cameras. Adding smart locks is a surefire way to level up your home security. Generally, smart locks work hand in hand with a motion sensor camera capable of detecting movement and triggering an alarm. Ideally, consider installing a smart lock system with a camera on the front door and other entry points.

Security cameras are useful because they act as a deterrent and allow for the capture of intruders in the act should they attempt anything.

4. Upgrade The Security Level Of The Windows

Aside from reinforcing the doors and adding new locks and security cameras, don’t forget about the windows since they can also be entry points. If you have deteriorating windows, it’d be best to consider getting a window replacement before getting a security upgrade.

The window locks tend to wear down over time, so replacing them is crucial. Once the window lock shows indications of even minimal damage, intruders will utilize it as an entry point. Get in touch with a locksmith as soon as possible once you notice any damage to your home’s window locks.

5. Integrate Digital Locks For A Superior Level Of Security

If you tend to lose your keys most of the time, consider hiring a locksmith to install a digital lock. Generally, a digital lock won’t require a classic key. The latest models allow you to access a door using a mobile application, remote control, fingerprint, or any method you prefer.

Installing keyless entry systems such as touchscreen or keypad locks adds an extra layer of security. It also avoids the risk of snapped or jammed keys or the potential risk of keys ending up in the wrong hands.

Final Thoughts 

As a homeowner, security should always be a priority. Taking on a proactive approach by working with a locksmith to boost home security is worth considering. As burglary attempts continue to rise, prioritize these security upgrades to ensure the highest level of security for your home day and night.