Handy Tips For Purchasing The Perfect Swim Bottoms

Swim bottoms are an essential part of any swimsuit. They can be worn alone as a bikini bottom or paired with a top for a two-piece look.

The best swim bottoms are ones that complement your body shape, fit comfortably, and last for years.

But how do you find the perfect pair? Here are some helpful tips to guide your search.

Get to know your body shape, and then you can shop accordingly

Your first step is to get to know your body shape. The reason for this is simple: body shapes are different, and swim bottoms will fit differently depending on your body type. For example, if you’re tall but have a small waist, it won’t make sense to buy a swim bottom with a high waistband that sits on the hips where it would be uncomfortable if not impossible for you to wear.

So, how do you figure out what type of body shape you have? You can ask someone who works at a store or department store that sells swimwear. They should be able to help guide your purchase by showing examples in the proper size for each person’s distinct build.

Select cuts that flatter your behind

Avoid swim bottoms that are too high-cut or low-cut.

If you have a large behind, avoid swim bottoms that are too high-cut. If you have a small behind, avoid swim bottoms that are too low-cut. The idea is to try and find a flattering fit and cut for your body type so that it’s not too tight or loose on either side of the spectrum.

Forgo the tie bottoms in favor of an elastic waistband

The elastic waistband is the most versatile of all swim bottoms. You can wear it as a pair of shorts or a skirt (the latter looks especially cute when paired with a fitted tank top). It’s also more comfortable than the tie-style bottoms, and most importantly, it flatters your figure better than a traditional waistband.

If your style is more on the sporty side, but you still want to look stylish in the water, go for a higher-cut bottom like these swim bottoms from Lime Ricki.

Consider the material carefully

As you start to shop, consider the material carefully. You want your swimsuit bottom to be lightweight and thin without being see-through. It should also be comfortable and easy to move in, so don’t choose anything too tight or restrictive.

If you’re looking for a modest pair of swim bottoms that won’t show off your curves, stick with one-piece designs over two pieces (the top half is often cut smaller than the bottom).

Keep it thin and simple

The skinny, solid-colored swim bottom is a classic look that flatters most body types. For example, if you have a long torso, you can choose a tie-waist bottom that will help elongate your legs and make them appear longer. If you want to show off your butt, try wearing a pair of high-waisted bottoms with thin straps or lace details on the sides.

If possible, avoid pants with thick waistbands that might squeeze in too much around your waistline; they’ll make it look like there’s more flesh than there actually is.


When you’ve got your swimsuit, don’t forget to bring it with you on your beach vacation. It might even come in handy when you want to dip in the pool or hot tub!