Although a vacation is time to relax and unwind, this doesn’t have to mean unplugging as well. Sometimes just planning, getting there and running around can raise the stress levels, whereas the right apps can make everything a whole lot easier – from shopping apps that help you get those fashion inspiration looks for your trip, to apps that help you organize; the possibilities are endless. So in order to travel comfortably and stress-free, check out these must-use travel apps for 2016.

For Getting There

Hopper – Apple’s best travel app of 2015 – is a calculator that finds the best deals for flights, with apparently 95% accuracy. This “before you go” app lets you know when it is cheapest to book your flight and alerts you when the price of your desired flight drops.

Once you found the flight, using App in the Air helps you track the status of your flight and have coverage of airlines and airports. You are able to see delays, and it lets you know what time you need to check in, and when you will board, take off, and land.

Of course we never travel without luggage, and Pack Point helps you to generate the perfect list – based on destination, time of the year, and basic activities input – to make sure that you don’t forget any essentials.

For Getting Around

Since we don’t all have the luxury of data packages when we travel, an app like CityMaps2Go is great, allowing you to download maps ahead of time and pre-load them to your phone so you can find your way around without an internet connection.

For your itinerary, the app Around Me is an excellent resource to get the scoop on closest restaurants, hotels, ATMs, anything that you may need in your vicinity. This saves you from having to search everywhere aimlessly.


For Communicating

Sometimes you need to know some basic sentences when asking for directions or order something to eat at a restaurant. Apps like Bravolol and Duolingo will give you the few key phrases that you need – including pronunciation and phonetic spelling – and help you learn as you go. They also do not require an internet connection once they have been downloaded, ensuring that you have the communication help that you need, regardless of a data plan.

For easy, quick translations of written material without typing, you can use Google Translate with your camera towards, pointing it at a menu or a sign and the text will be instantly translated for you.

When Traveling with Others

Sometimes meeting up in a foreign city can have its challenges, so for those traveling with others, Glympse is a great way to see the location of everyone in your group, ensuring that you all find your way and avoid a lot of headache and confusion.

And when it comes to paying the check, Splittr is a great app that helps to split the expenses, keep track of who paid for what, and even factor in the various currencies used. Definitely a good one to have when you are visiting multiple destinations.


For Sharing Your Travels with Others

Snapchat has been taking over photo and video sharing in 2016. Take and save snaps of your vacation to share with your family and upload later when you have internet. For added effect, play around with the filters as you go.

Another very interesting idea is Periscope – developed by Twitter – which allows users to broadcast video live from wherever they are in the world. This allows family and friends to see what you are experiencing in real time. You can also store this video to be replayed later, and so you can post and share it. If posting via your Twitter account, setting up Twitter Cards and understanding why you should use them can help your followers automatically see what the post is about without having to first click on an ambiguous link.

For Trip Organization

For those who need organization to be able to be at peace and relax, an app like Tripit is for you. Say goodbye to stacks of printouts, all you need to do is forward your email to the app and it will pull information from confirmation emails for flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, etc. and display it all in a single, comprehensible itinerary. Fellow travelers or family members can also follow the itineraries to remain up to date and on the same page.

When it comes to keeping your sightseeing organized, TripSee will pull info for your given destination and give you not only a list of hotspots and sights to see, but will add it all to an itinerary including dates, time, prices, addresses, and even phone numbers.