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Four Mother’s Day Crafts for Adults

Mother’s Day nears, and for the crafty among us (a number that includes each and every person taking a moment to read this article), that means it’s time to get those creative juices flowing. Because we don’t honor our moms with a few mouse clicks and an online purchase — no, no, no! We use this special day to put our talents to use.

We don’t opt for the easy way out, a hollow online purchase that will be received with a smile (because, of course, mom is a sweetheart, after all) before eventually making its way to a junk drawer or a tucked away spot on a mantel or bookshelf.

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So, fellow crafters, grab that cutting mat and let’s get down to work crafting something magical for that most special of special women — your mom. After all, she made you. Why don’t you take those talents you inherited and craft her a Mother’s Day gift that she’ll cherish for years?

Take a look at the following ideas. Feel free to riff on them or follow this advice to the letter. Whichever route you take, you can be sure that mom will absolutely adore whatever loveliness you decide to make.

A Journal to Inspire Storytelling

At the risk of briefly sounding a maudlin note, keep in mind that mom isn’t going to be here forever. Sorry for even saying it! It’s simply the reality of being a living, breathing thing on this lovely planet of ours. So, yes, that’s our inevitable fate — it’s simply a fact. But you know what else is an undeniable fact? Her legacy isn’t going anywhere.

She will live on through her brood and all the subsequent broods they make. Her story can live on, too. So put some crafty flourishes on a journal and encourage her to set that life story to paper.

How can you employ your creative skills to inspire her path down memory lane? First of all, dip into the family photo archives, make copies of classic photos and then grab your craft scissors. Populate that journal with nostalgic photos that are all but guaranteed to help dredge up stories from even the furthest reaches of her memory.

Of course, you’ll want to go heavy with photos on the cover. But you should decorate the interior pages, too. Consider going with a chronological or thematic focus through the book. You can even write up a little table of contents. Extra direction can serve as writing prompts.

Multigenerational Art

Is mom also a grandma? If so, this project is even better — but no matter what, this is the kind of idea that can all but guarantee tears of joy. There are many ways to pull this off. We’ll provide one little taste to give you an idea.

Okay, so say mom has a handful of grandkids. Those grandkids have almost certainly crafted a bevy of near priceless art (at least by grandma’s estimation) in their lives. And mom almost surely has some pieces you crafted as a kid. And just maybe — fingers crossed — you have some pieces your mom crafted as a kid. Collect what you can from as many generations as possible and assemble them in one fabulous multigenerational collage.

Of course, when you do this kind of thing, always make copies! Don’t just go willy-nilly with your craft knife on original pieces! And the pieces you assemble don’t have to be the crude works of children. This works just as well with works crafted with the deft touch of a mature artist.

Paper Flower Bouquets

Every mom loves receiving a glorious bouquet of flowers — but at the risk of getting maudlin again for a split second, glorious bouquets turn into desiccated husks of dead flowers in relatively short order.

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So, how can you duplicate the glory without also introducing that harsh reminder about the cycle of life? Well, give mom a beautiful paper bouquet! You can even mist it with some perfume for a little olfactory boost.

How do you go about making a paper bouquet? It might sound tricky, but it’s not so bad. Check out this exceedingly helpful tutorial from Aunt Annie’s Crafts.

Attend Art Classes with Her!

Does mom have a dormant creative streak? Maybe she used to paint a good bit but hasn’t for a while? Maybe she’s thought about dabbling with pottery but never had the chance? Maybe she wants to learn how to make fancy cakes or elaborate dinners?

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If there’s some dormant creative urge in mom, do what you can to bring it to the surface! Sign her up for creative classes, but don’t just send her off to go solo! Go with her! Get creative together! You can trust that she’ll truly cherish whatever creative pieces come from the process.