Exterior and Landscaping Design Features That Will Transform Your Backyard

The backyard is a space that too often gets neglected by homeowners. There are some years when you mow your grass, enjoy the space for a few barbecues when the weather’s nice, let the dog out when you don’t want to take him for a walk, and otherwise kind of forget about the space.

With a bit of love, attention, and some landscaping projects, you can turn your backyard into so much more.

When you’re thinking of renovating your backyard, you need a plan. According to GreenSideUpContracting.com, you want to make sure you work with contractors who provide a full digital rendering of your vision before you excavate anything.

Working with a great contractor and designer, you can pull off any of these popular landscaping features. Explore more for inspiration for your own backyard.

Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is all about getting more from the space you have. It allows you to grow vegetables, flowers, and more with less space, increasing your yields or creating living green walls and arches that will completely transform your space.

Vertical gardening starts with building a living wall that will support the plants you intend to grow higher up off the ground. You can also use structures like an arch that will be ideal for climbing vegetables like beans. Make sure these spaces are sunny but sheltered.

Outdoor Living Spaces

You can start to make your home feel more spacious by transforming your backyard with elegant, comfortable outdoor living spaces. It starts on the ground, with a deck or interlocking patio that’s easy to clean and will feel more comfortable than stepping out onto turf. It provides you with a level base that you can furnish and build upon so that your backyard feels more like an extension of your living room.

Alternatively, you can extend your kitchen outside for a truly luxurious transformation. Outdoor kitchens are for those who truly love the idea of an outdoor lifestyle where you make the most of the sunshine and warm weather all summer long.

Resort-Like Pools and Spas

There’s more to bringing a resort-like atmosphere to your backyard than just installing a standardized pool. Custom designs can create a luxurious backyard space that will feel like stepping into a private beach resort.

There are several custom features that can transform your pool into a unique experience. Consider ideas like:

  • Tanning ledges or sun shelfs inside the pool that allow you to set up a lounge chair directly in the water. You can soak up the rays right in the pool.
  • Custom lighting features like underwater LED lights that can give a soft glow underwater and let swimmers see all the angles, even at night.
  • Modern, streamlined looks that use clean lines are in fashion, though more dramatic, freeform shapes and features are still popular.

It also helps to think about building around your pool. What other features do you want to have that will relate to it? Custom carpentry services can help you build a cabana, a sauna, or a hot tub enclosure that will give your backyard a more spa-like feel.

These are just some of the most popular backyard transformations that can give you a new appreciation for your outdoor space at home.