A person’s worth is sometimes measured by their productivity, especially in an office-type environment. A person’s productivity is not always directly controlled solely by the person themselves, however, and so this valuation is often skewed. Give a person the right tools for the job, the right support, and the right motivation and their productivity can go through the roof.


The problem may be the uncomfortable desk or chair your employee has, which can be remedied by a Melbourne fitout company, or it may be the entire office building. It’s hard to tell what can push an employee’s productivity up, but we’ve put together a list of a few ways to boost office productivity to see if we can’t get that office up and running like a well-oiled machine again.


Any office worker will be very, very familiar with their desk before long. If the desk/chair combination is unruly, the office worker will eventually grow to hate their desk and everything it stands for, due to sore back and hunched shoulders. A quick and simple way to remedy this problem is to upgrade the desk.

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There are a large variety of standing desks available now, which allow a person to stand while doing desk work, helping to improve blood flow to the legs and reduce time spent idle. There are also screen mounts for desktops or laptops that will raise the screen above the surface of the desk without the need for a space-wasting desk stand for your monitor, allowing you to spread out any papers or documents you might need to spread out in the interests of productivity.

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The Right Computer for the Job

Getting your employees the right computer for the job can sometimes mean spending more, but if it leads to significantly increased productivity then the expense is worth it. A creative job needs a computer with a creative design in mind, such as Macbooks or iMacs, whereas more word-based software and data processing needs a more accessible and malleable hardware, such as microsoft operating systems. Ensuring your creative team and data team have different but equal computers can be hard to do, but maximising their output relies on your workers having the best tools at their disposal.

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Open Plan, Better Plan

The layout of the modern office is much different to the layout of the office of yesteryear.

Gone are the days of private cubicles and maze-like walls divvying up an otherwise sprawling space, and now comes the open-plan office. Walled-off “cubicle” setups often saw productivity plummet, as people had privacy and access to ways to waste their time quietly and unseen by the heads of their departments.

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Open plan offices promote communication and honesty, leaving everyone’s work out on display for all co-workers to see and appreciate. This is a prime way to motivate your employees to increase their productivity, as nobody can hide behind the thin veneer of assumption of competency anymore, and in an environment of support and encouragement there are plenty of reasons to increase your output when submerged in such an environment.

Overall, the layout of your office, the outfitting of your office and the tools in the hands of your employees can change an unproductive maze of unfulfilled workers into an open-plan haven for creative thinking, hard work and goals being achieved on all sides.