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Easy Kitchen Easter Crafts to Welcome Spring

Looking to spruce up your kitchen for Easter? These easy kitchen Easter crafts will add a touch of spring to your space without breaking the bank or taking up too much time. From simple table centerpieces to charming wall decor, these ideas are perfect for welcoming the season into your home.

  1. Egg Carton Flower Wreath: Start by saving a few egg cartons and cutting out the individual cups. Paint them in bright spring colors and allow them to dry. Then, glue them onto a circular cardboard base to create a beautiful flower wreath for your kitchen door.
  2. Easter Egg Tree: Gather some branches from your yard and place them in a vase filled with sand or rocks. Decorate the branches with colorful Easter eggs, ribbons, and small flowers to create a festive Easter egg tree for your kitchen counter.
  3. Bunny Napkin Rings: Cut out bunny shapes from felt or colorful cardstock and glue them onto plain napkin rings. These adorable bunny napkin rings will add a playful touch to your Easter table setting.
  4. Carrot Utensil Holders: Use orange and green felt to create carrot-shaped utensil holders. Simply roll the orange felt into a cone shape and glue it together. Then, cut out green felt leaves and glue them to the top of the cone. These carrot utensil holders are perfect for holding your kitchen utensils during Easter dinner.
  5. Spring Banner: Create a festive banner using colorful cardstock or scrapbook paper. Cut out triangles and decorate them with Easter-themed stickers, stamps, or drawings. String the triangles together with ribbon or twine and hang the banner above your kitchen window or doorway.
  6. Easter Egg Centerpiece: Fill a large glass bowl or vase with colorful Easter eggs for a simple yet stunning centerpiece. Add some fresh spring flowers or greenery to complete the look.
  7. Easter Egg Garland: String together plastic Easter eggs to create a festive garland for your kitchen. Hang it along your kitchen cabinets or drape it across your kitchen window for a cheerful touch.
  8. Spring Table Runner: Use a plain table runner as a base and decorate it with Easter-themed fabric paint, stamps, or stencils. Add some spring flowers or Easter eggs to complete the look.

With these easy kitchen Easter crafts, you can welcome spring into your home in no time. Enjoy the season with these simple and fun decorating ideas!