While purchasing an investment property may have rules and trends to follow toward success, buying a home is a much more subjective experience.

When you think about the place that you will be calling your own for the foreseeable future, it’s impossible not to envision how your life will play out within its walls. From how comfortable you will be throughout the seasons, to how much your family will enjoy growing up in the area, there is a lot to consider that doesn’t necessarily factor into how a Real Estate agent may see things. This sentimentality, while often unavoidable, can pose some difficulties when attempting to make clear decisions about how much you would be willing to pay for a property.

Brick by Brick - How to Know What You Should Be Paying For Your Next Home - secrets, new home, dream home, current market

That’s why we’re here, to share our experiences and help you through the process of finding your dream home for a price you’re comfortable with.

Software Secrets

Diving headfirst into one of the more overlooked options when looking for the perfect place to call your own, a web scraper is one fantastic way to cut past all of the hyperbole and sales tactics of house hunter marketing for a more objective understanding of the current market.

So, how does it work?

For those that are not entwined in the eCommerce sector, it’s possible that the idea of web scraping isn’t something you’re particularly familiar with. Web scraping (or data scraping as it’s sometimes referred to as) is the process of copying every piece of data from a specific website and translating that data into a form that is easily understandable.

In the world of Real Estate, systems such as this one give you a rare opportunity to experience the current housing market as simplified data that avoids the fluff and frivolity that accompanies house hunting. Also, setting up with a managed scraping service will ensure that you are getting regular updates on how the housing market is changing and moving, so you will be able to make an informed purchase by staying on the cutting edge of pricing trends.

Brick by Brick - How to Know What You Should Be Paying For Your Next Home - secrets, new home, dream home, current market

Don’t Believe What You’re Told

While that may seem like an ominous title, when you’re in a field where people are looking to make a profit out of you, you have to be aware that much of what you’re being told may not be a good reflection of the truth. To alleviate the concern of misinformation, it’s best to do as much independent research on the properties you’re considering as possible.

This can include exploring the perks and benefits of the area, while also taking into consideration the sale prices of similar properties in the surrounding suburbs. You may find that while the good sides of the home have been discussed in detail, there are a few less favorable qualities that have been shied away from.

Interest in Investments

Finding out how competitive the area is will give you a great insight into how much you should be paying, and how eager the owner is to sell. The term “Buyers Market” refers to conditions where there are comparatively more sellers than buyers in the market, allowing you to be a bit less generous with your offers.

In general, the suggested offer for this situation is 10% under the asking price, ensuring that you may be able to get a good price while still suggesting an amount that will be taken seriously.

Regardless of your situation, there are an abundance of ways that you can gain a more thorough understanding of the housing market that you are wading into. While we can’t get to every possibility, as long as you’re willing to maintain your vigilance, you’re sure to come out better for it.