Living in the modern age comes with pitfalls our grandparents and great grandparents could have never predicted, but then they wouldn’t consider them pitfalls.

Our phones run out of battery quickly, but they’re also cordless and give us access to all of the knowledge of humankind.

Our wireless headphones get lost easily, but they allow us to listen to music being livestreamed from halfway around the world.

These things are incredible, but they are still problems for us, and so just as sure as there is now a Whizz cleaning app, there is a list that we have written of some advantageous apps to manage modern life.


Shazam is an app that soundly falls into that category of apps that you never thought you’d use but you end up using quite regularly. The premise is that it listens to the music around you and from just a snippet it can tell you what song it is. This is incredibly useful in this day and age, as you never have to miss out on that great sounding song again, you can always find out what you’re hearing with just a single click of a virtual button.

Back From Basics - 5 Advantageous Apps to Manage Modern Life -

Google Maps

The Google Maps app is a force to be reckoned with.

Using its precise network of servers and satellites, Google Maps is one of the most accurate maps app currently available, and it maintains that reputation flawlessly, unlike its competitor Apple Maps, which has become something of a joke in the world of GPS devices. Google Maps can work out where your home is based on where you leave it most often at night, and it can find routes for you to get from point A to point B no matter what your specifications.


A shopping app for those looking for something a little different.

This app lets you access an online shopping market like Amazon or Ebay, but for handmade goods. There are many, many things on etsy you might not find anywhere else on the internet, and that makes it perfect for searching for unique gift ideas and hard-to-find items.

Back From Basics - 5 Advantageous Apps to Manage Modern Life -


For the problem of socialisation comes Facebook, a well-known social networking app that has been solidly in use since the mid 2000’s. Facebook’s appeal is that it runs smoothly, it connects you to people that you might know through mutual friends, and it is simply easy to use. These things make facebook an easy way to connect to people you have just met at parties, or reconnect with childhood friends.

Banking Apps

Finally, some of the most useful apps on this article, banking apps.

These apps, one from each major bank, revolutionize modern banking in a very direct way. With electronic banking on the rise since the mid 2000’s, it was only a matter of time before your phone became the control through which your finances were managed, and now it’s smoother and easier than ever to transfer money, add contacts to your address book, and pay bills through just one app.

The ever-changing world of personal devices keeps getting updated, and more and more apps become available every day. With each aiming to fill a gap another left, it’s only a matter of time before our phones can do everything for us.