Many of us want to lose a few pounds – or maybe even more – and achieve a slimmer figure, but when it comes to going to the gym, quickly give up. There are many different reasons why people prefer not to go to the gym – for some it may be that they don’t have the time to dedicate to regular gym workouts due to family or work commitments, others may be unable to pay high gym membership prices, whilst many people who want to be slimmer don’t like the idea of working out in front of other people. And, that’s all OK – there are lots of things that you can do to trim down your figure without stepping foot into a gym.

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Waist Training

One of the latest weight loss trends to be taking the internet by storm is waist training. A waist trainer works in much the same way as a corset, by sucking you in around the middle and giving you a slimmer, trimmer appearance. However, waist trainers aren’t just for one time use – many popular female celebrities have praised waist trainers for their role in improving their figure. Regular use can actually ‘train’ your waist to narrow.


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The good news is that if you’re eating unhealthily and not prepared to change your diet, going to the gym wouldn’t fix much anyway. Although exercise is certainly important if you’re trying to get rid of a few extra pounds, your diet also plays a very crucial part when it comes to your weight and your figure. Many people have successfully lost large amounts of weight by changing their diet alone – sticking to a diet which is high in protein, includes lots of fruits and vegetables and is low in sugar and processed foods can transform your figure without a single gym visit needed.

If you are a fan of all things sweet, it’s not only your waistline it will have an affect on. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so if you are feeling self-conscious due to one too many bars of chocolate, consider visiting a tooth implant specialist to regain your confidence.

Non-Gym Workouts

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Who says that you have to go to the gym in order to work out? Although many people prefer to use the gym for fitness since it is a very convenient option with a lot of equipment readily available to use for different types of exercises, there’s no need to miss out on exercise if you don’t want to get a gym membership. Even the simple things such as walking more, taking up cycling to work or at-home fitness DVDs can be a great way of helping you get in shape and have fun exercising outside of the gym.

Playing Sports


If you’re not a big fan of gym workouts because they can often be so monotonous and boring, playing a sport could be a great alternative. Even if you simply join a local sports team, or a sporting society at college in order to play for fun, it can be a great way to get some exercise, boost your weight loss and have fun at the same time.

If you want to trim your figure down and achieve the slim figure of your dreams, there are many ways in which you can successfully achieve this that don’t involve the gym!