They Focus on Timeless Investments

Stylish men think ahead of the curve. Trends can come and go, and for the most part, they go. However, a refined gentleman has a knack for seeking out that tailor made suit that is timeless, or those pair of shoes that go beyond fashion trends and that have that universal appeal. Some examples of timeless yet refined attire include; slim / straight leg indigo jeans, a clean cut white oxford style shirt and a high quality navy blue blazer. A classic get up that looks sharp, every time.

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They Pay Attention to Their Shoes

Funnily enough, the first thing you notice when you meet someone is their shoes. A good pair of shoes speaks volumes about someone and their attention to detail. As an example, you wouldn’t hire someone if they turned up to a job interview with a pair of scuffed shoes yet had a nice suit, would you? Instead you would tell them to turn around and walk the other way. On the contrary, if they had a nice pair of shiny shoes and an average looking outfit then you’d give them the chance.

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They Know the Importance of High Quality Fabrics

No matter how good a cut a piece of clothing is, if it is made from cheap materials such as static inducing nylon then it simply won’t stand the test of time. What will stand the test of time is a high quality woollen, cotton or cashmere garment from a proper British, French or Italian mill. Materials of this calibre will conceal and lumps or bumps and will age far better than other materials, particularly when it comes to comfort.

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Their Tailor is Their Best Friend

‘Off the rack’ garments, if you’re lucky, will on occasion fit you perfectly. This is especially true when buying a tailor made suit. This is why having a good relationship with a talented alterations tailor is one of the best assets a stylish gentleman will have. Whenever you buy something off the rack and it doesn’t quite gel, call up your tailor and have them make those slight changes that are unique to your body. This will leave you looking a million dollars every time, no matter what you wear.

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They Maintain Their Hair with Regular Haircuts

Finding and establishing a good relationship with a barber is almost as important as having a great tailor. Find that one barber that cuts it perfectly and stick with them.

The key is to not let your hair change to the point where everyone notices when you do have that next trim. The best thing you can do to avoid this is knowing your hair! If you know how your hair grows then you can plan systematically when your next haircut will be. This way, all you need to do is schedule every 2, 4 or 6 weeks (depending on your growth) and make sure you don’t miss the appointment!