Sometimes it’s difficult to find functional household items that suit the décor in a home or a particular room. However, more product manufacturers than ever are realizing that they have to put more effort into the appearance of their products as well as their functionality. Below are five functional household items that are designed to blend in with any décor.


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Portable Air Conditioners

Installing a conventional air conditioning system may not be suitable in every home. However, you may still need some kind of device to keep you and other people cool at certain times of the year. Some of the other cooling solutions available often look out of place but the latest portable AC’s come in a choice of colors and designs to suit the décor of every room imaginable. They are easy to install, take up very little room and can be easily moved when you need to do so.

Coat Racks

The humble coat rack is one of the most useful features in a home when people call round to visit. However, more traditional coat racks have a basic design and can even look unsightly as guests walk by them.

However, in recent years the coat rack has gotten a makeover and there are a wide range of models to choose from, which are made from various materials. The most stunning coat racks available today include racks created from trees which use the branches to hold coats, bags and hats and are also a natural, eye-catching feature as people enter your home.

Modern Shelving

Most homeowners need a number of different shelving solutions to store all types of items, ranging from books to kitchen items. Older shelving often looked bland or did not match the modern décor that surrounded it.

Thankfully, the days of this type of boring shelving are long gone. Professional designers are now involved in the creation of the latest shelves which take many forms including fire escapes, suspension bridges and other familiar objects and features.

Bedroom Furniture

It’s difficult to find bedroom furniture that is practical and also adds to the look and feel of a bedroom. Beds with hidden storage compartments are one of the best ways to strike this balance, so that bedrooms look amazing, are uncluttered and have all the practical features you need.

Sink and Bath Faucets

Faucets are one of the most noticeable features in a kitchen and bathroom, and in other rooms where you have a sink. Many homeowners change the décor of their home but don’t do the same thing with their faucets. This is a relatively easy and affordable change to make. There are currently hundreds of different types of faucets available, so it won’t take long to find the type that is perfect for a room you need to revamp.

Modern homes are much more than just places to live, rest, sleep and eat. You should aim to make your home a place that has all the practical features you require and that also looks great. All of the items mentioned above achieve this goal.