Most homeowners have at some point had to make the decision between tossing out a beloved piece of furniture and finding a way to bring it back to life. Well, according to expert upholsterers, there shouldn’t be a decision at all. If it is a sturdy, solid piece and you still have love for it, save it from the scrapheap. All you need is a little bit of fancy fabric, a few nails or rivets, and the passion to create something special.

It is a lot easier than you might think to reupholster a piece of furniture, even if the original material has gotten fairly old and shabby. Plus, there are plenty of great upholstery suppliers out there that offer high quality fabric in a huge variety of styles, colours, and patterns. The possibilities are endless if you’ve got the time and patience, so think twice before tossing out that armchair, footstool, or dining room chair.

This guide to some of the main benefits of reviving over tossing tired furniture will help you make the right decision for your home.

Old Pieces Could Be Valuable

You don’t want to end up throwing out a chair that could be valuable, just because the padding is worn and frayed. Old straw and horsehair stuffed chairs are particularly special, so if you have any of these laying around, it is worth giving them a makeover. If you can, replace the stuffing with the same material because it will preserve the value.

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Don’t Give Up on Good Quality

Oftentimes, it is only the fabric on a piece of furniture that has become worn; the overall structure and frame tends to age very well. If you have a piece with a hardwood frame, down or spring cushions, or coil springs, it is likely a good candidate for reupholstery. You’ll get a chance to remove the little details that you never quite liked too.

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Shop Carefully for Green Credentials

Our societies have become obsessed with ‘throwaway cultures.’ We now look at things like furniture as items that are designed to last brief periods, then be replaced. Yet, this doesn’t lead to value for money in the long run and it is terribly bad for the environment. If you want to save money, buy quality and it will last for many years.


Reupholstery Is a Cost Effective Option

The bottom line is that reupholstering a piece of furniture will always be cheaper than buying a high quality replacement. You might be able to grab a discount sofa or chair, for around the same price, but the standard of workmanship is likely to be low. Why not just liven up the solid, sturdy piece that you already have?

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A One Off, Totally Unique Piece

One of the best reasons to reupholster, instead of tossing, is the fact that it creates an entirely unique and custom piece of furniture. It is something that you won’t be able to buy anywhere else, because you’ve made it by bringing an old frame together with a new fabric. This is actually quite a special thing to do, so save your tired pieces if you love the idea of bespoke designs and accessories.

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Why You Can Go On Loving Old Furnishings

A lot of the time, the piece that is worn and in need of a makeover is a family heirloom or an item that holds sentimental value. It can be tricky to know what to do with a piece of this nature, because ragged fabrics will just end up making a room look drab and untidy. For this reason, re-upholstery is the best option. It allows you to hold on to your favourite furnishings, while also injecting a little bit of modern glamour into their aging bones.