Tips for Creating a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

If you have children and are fortunate enough to have a separate bathroom you can use, consider yourself lucky. As you probably know, creating a spa-like oasis for your bathroom is often pointless when you have to share with the kids. From dried toothpaste stuck to the sink to dirty clothes and wet spots on the floor – they can be pretty messy when it comes to the bathroom. That’s why creating a kid-friendly bathroom that is safe and fun for them to use is the best solution.

Tips for Creating a Kid Friendly Bathroom

Choose a Theme

There are a ton of themes you can choose from that your kids will enjoy. Whether you design the space based on their favorite cartoon characters or colors, they’ll love the idea of having a bathroom to call their own. Get creative so they are encouraged to use it – and keep it clean. If you need design inspiration, the kind of bathroom remodeling San Francisco residents use may give you some ideas. Checking out their showroom displays can give you ideas on how to put things together for your kids.  

Easy Access

Remember your kids aren’t as tall as you are so you’ll want to create a bathroom design that is easily accessible to them. Lower sinks and toilets, for instance, will ensure they won’t make a mess when using the potty or brushing their teeth. You can also invest in stepping stools so they can see the mirror or reach things on shelves.  

Safety is Important

You don’t want your children to end up hurt while using the bathroom so make sure that you employ a few safety measures. For starters, investing in a no-slip bath mat for the bathtub will keep them from slipping while taking a bath or shower. Keeping cleaners out of reach or out of the room altogether, and even covering outlet sockets that you’re not using to prevent them from sticking something in it.

Personalize it

Personalize the space to make it feel more like the child’s space. Putting dirty clothes hampers with the kid’s name embroidered on them encourages them to put their dirty clothes in the hamper. Labeling bins, linens, and other areas of the bathroom provide easy to follow steps on how to use it and clean it properly.

Use Materials Easy to Maintain

In a child’s bathroom, it probably isn’t a good idea to go with marble countertops and silk shower curtains. These are materials that can easily become damaged. Make sure that you’re using kid-friendly materials throughout. Cotton products, for instance, are easy to wash and reuse. For countertop options choose something that you can easily wipe off and go.

Giving the kids their own bathroom to use can save you a lot of time and frustration. It allows you to have the spa-like oasis you’ve always dreamed of, while the kids get their own space to use. Remember, get creative with the design and décor, the more they like the space, the more inclined they are to use it and clean up to make sure it stays nice. 

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