Must-Have Indian Jewelry For Women This Wedding Season: Transform The Look With These Essentials

Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, your look is not complete without traditional jewelry. It is the most important component of dressing up that accentuates the look of the attire and elevates the beauty of the wearer. Indian jewelry has a unique charm that cannot be matched by fashion and modern accessories. Its intricate designs speak volumes about the admirable craftsmanship and the rich culture of India. These ornaments usually have great tradition, the spiritual and hereditary value attached to it. Jewelry is a vital part of an Indian woman’s wardrobe. Several kinds have a special mention in “Solah Sringar,” or 16 adornments of a bride.

Must Have Indian Jewelry For Women This Wedding Season: Transform The Look With These Essentials

Each piece of Indian jewelry is a beautiful combination of impressive design and meticulous craftsmanship. It is cherishingly adorned on all auspicious occasions and most families consider it a family heirloom. Ethnic jewelry is pure elegance and is a must have for every Indian woman. It has an unparalleled appeal that can transform the simplest looking attire into an exquisite piece. If you are planning to invest in some jewelry, then here is a list of essentials that you must have for this wedding season. This list consists of the items that are essential to bridal wear, bride’s trousseau, or a woman’s traditional look. Having a collection of timeless jewelry that suits your personal taste will go a long way with you.

  1. A vibrant set of bangles: Bangles are one of the oldest forms of jewelry, originating from the Indian This traditional ornament has a special place in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. A single bangle or a large bunch of bangles, the piece of jewelry can enhance the appeal of your outfit magnificently. This particular jewelry can be bought in a variety of styles. Be it gold bangles inherited from your grandmother or simply colorful glass bangles, it is a vital part of dressing up for women this wedding season. Make sure you have enough to mix and match with your dresses for a complete look.
  2. Evergreen Jhumkis or jhumkas: Jhumkis or jhumkas is a versatile piece of jewelry that complements most of the ethnic wear. Pairing them with a lehenga, or a saree or a simple salwar kameez will never disappoint you. It adds the extra zing to the wearers’ personality. Available in a variety of style, this piece of accessory is spunky yet graceful. Silver jhumkis and jhumkas with a pearl drop are a must have for women of all ages. And you will never regret buying one as they look extremely stylish not only with traditional wear but also with western ensembles.
  3. Maang tikkas or headpieces: This head accessory is unique to Indian culture. In old times, it was worn for its religious and spiritual purposes, it has now become a fashion essential. However, no bride or ethnic look is complete without this piece of jewelry. This ornament is designed in a way that it sits on the center of the head and the pendant is placed on the forehead, the third eye or power of the soul. It gives the bride will and wisdom for her married life. It is also said that it protects her from evil energies. They come in a variety of styles, from small pendant ones to oversized chandelier styles. A small pendant maang tikka looks attractive with all kinds of dresses on all occasions. However, the oversized ones are flamboyant and can be worn on a big event. You can buy Indian jewelry at The collection suitable for every occasion. There is a wide range of jewelry to choose from that will make you stand out in the event.
  4. Nose rings: Another essential piece of the trinket is nose ring or nose stud. These are a beautiful addition to brides’ trousseau or a woman’s wardrobe. The extensive range includes from elaborate nose rings made with semi-precious stones to a small one. They look absolutely stunning and gives the wearer an edgy and bold look. You need not necessarily go through the pain of getting the piercing. Clip on options is easily available in choicest of designs.
  5. Toe rings: Toe rings have been part of the Indian culture since ancient times. There has been a mention of Sita’s toe ring in Ramayana. This piece of distinctive Indian jewelry is symbolic of the woman’s married state. In many cultures, just like finger rings, these are given by the husband to his wife. Traditionally, these rings are quite ornate, though contemporary designs are quite appealing to modern women. They are usually worn in pairs on the second toe of feet.
  6. Anklets: This dainty ornament is everyone’s favorite. The tinkling sound makes them even more attractive. This piece of jewelry worn around the ankles and adds feminine allure to the personality of the wearer. Its surreal appeal and delicate designs make it popular among women and girls of all ages. Earlier, it was only worn by brides and married women, though it is now popular among young girls as a fashion accessory. A fancy silver anklet is a must have.
  7. Choker necklaces: Chokers are one of the most loved styles of necklaces for ethnic Indian jewelry. These neckpieces are worn closely around the neck and give you a very sleek look. It has been popular since medieval times and a part of rich Indian heritage. Ranis and Maharanis were often seen wearing this with their ethnic dresses. They are still as fashionable as they were back then and has an authentic ethnic vibe to it. Available in different styles, kundan, pearls and meenakari are some of the classic choices that will never go out of fashion.
  8. Rani haar: This is the most elegant form of necklaces in the wide range of Indian jewelry. Nothing looks more graceful than a long necklace sitting beautifully on her neck. It is a pure extravaganza that every woman should enjoy and it brings out the queen in her. Usually, they are a part of a family heirloom, but if not, you can simply indulge in an affordable version of it. It is a rage among modern day brides who love to adorn it with their bridal wear.

Some other must haves includes finger rings, statement dangler earrings, pearl necklace, and waistband. Having a variety of these ornaments will enhance your wardrobe and make you feel nothing less than a queen. Indian jewelry is a tool to enliven our wardrobe and attain unmatched beauty.

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