25 Carpet Tile Ideas For Every Room Of Your House

Today most people are opting for hardwoods or laminates and carpet is almost becoming a thing of the past, that is except for area rugs that are lovingly placed over a hardwood floor to add color or style to a room or simply to protect those hardwoods in high traffic areas. One of the best points to the carpet tile is the fact that they are so versatile. You can use them in just about any space and you can really play around with the size and shape of your rug. You can make long rugs for a hallway or a large area rug with little difficulty. The carpet tiles are designed so well, that you barely notice a seam when you have them arranged and in some patterns, the seams blend in so well that you rarely remember that you used carpet tiles. Take a look at these next 25 Carpet Tile Ideas which are perfect for every room of your house!

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