18 Ways to Style the Crop Top this Summer ( Part 1)

When the sea of crop tops initially reappeared, we wondered: Did a perpetrator come in and hack off the bottoms of every shirt in this store? Isn’t it too revealing to show so much skin? We felt slightly aghast, a little shy, but all the while: curious. Could we pull off this trend, too? First, you want to decide how bare you’re willing to go—fully covered-up, a sliver of skin, or maximum midsection exposure. Then, plan accordingly: If you’ve found a skimpy bra top that you love, but are skittish about wearing it outdoors, try layering it under a button-down and revealing as much or as little as you want over the course of the day, depending on how much you’re feelin’ yourself at any given moment. For inspiration check out the following outfit ideas.

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