18 Fun And Easy Projects You Must DIY This Summer

Summer is filled with activity and whether you like to be out and about enjoying the sun or staying home and getting things done around the house, there are many different DIY projects that you can do to make your summer the best ever. Take advantage of the warm weather to add some of these fun and beautiful upgrades to your home. Here are 18 fun projects you can undertake to make the most of warm, sunny days.

DIY Pineapple Magnets

Ice Cream Cone Wall Planters

DIY Pressed Flower Serving Dish

Geo Wood Magnets

DIY Watercolor Coasters

Vintage Soda Crates

Hexagon Cushion

DIY Party Lanterns

DIY Aquarium Rock Planter

DIY Flamingo Sunglasses

DIY Clutch With Faux Beads

Pom Pom Trimmed Curtains

DIY Quote Frame

DIY Painted Monogram Mug

Wire Wrapped Nature Pendants

DIY Simple And Effective Feather Craft

DIY Crochet Rug

Handmade Mug Gifts

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