18 Awesome Rustic Decks That Offer a Perfect Escape

Rustic Deck Design is perfect for houses near beach, mountain area, lake or lush green canopy. Rustic style decks serve best when your residence cannot capture fabulous outdoor panorama. The idea of relaxing on a beautiful deck that is seamlessly connected with the ‘entertainment zone’ of your home and indoor kitchen is a dream that most of us have. While some beach style decks seem perfect for holiday retreats and beautiful homes in the tropical and subtropical regions, those who experience far less sunshine might be well served with the classic rustic-style deck. Adding a deck to your home is a relatively inexpensive way to expand its living space and add to its beauty and value. Before you begin your design it is important to consider the primary uses it will serve, whether it’s socializing, relaxation, or outdoor dining. A deck should also be positioned to best take in the views you want to capture, or avoid. This collection of beautiful decks shows how a freestanding outdoor gathering space can work in your yard.

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